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Need help from my Mechanically talented friends! A couple years ago my Allis WD45 wiring shorted out somewhere and fried to a crisp (alternator side). I couldnt tell what was what because many burned completely off at connectors. I replaced all wiring, alternator, and voltage regulator and was able to get it charging again. This past year I noticed the console for the voltage meter was getting warm enough to melt plastic. I disconnected the charging system (to prevent issues) and am running the machine without charging. Kind of a booger without it when I need to use lights :( Anyone know the basic hook up for something like this? I probably had a wire connected wrong and had caused this issue. All parts have been replaced to what was originally on the the tractor except all brand new/updated. Here what is involved. Chrysler Alternator /w Two FLD Terminals and one BAT terminal, Voltage regulator with one connector with FLD and one IGN, 12 volt battery. Probably mention the Coil to key assembly for the distributor and how to fit that all into he system. I think what is messing me up is that second FLD on alternator as the old one had only one. I am hoping to get something in stone so I don't accidentally burn something up by running a wire hot. I appreciate any input!!

Bob has posted a picture which goes along with the only thing that came to my mind. The Mopar alternators I am familiar with had only one connection to the regulator. The second brush was grounded right at the alternator. Then others connect both brushes to the regulator. (Something about a better job of regulating). So- have you got the correct regulator for the alternator, hooked up correctly?

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