Oats and barley done

jon f mn

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Well, oats and barley are done. Not really worth combining, barley about 10bu/acre and oats maybe 15. The drought hurt it bad, then when we got rain some started growing again, so some was over ripe and some green when cut. Then I got over 4 of rain that drove it down on the ground so it wouldn't dry. So Saturday I combined it even tho it was still wet. Sure did make the 1160 growl!




Then later Sunday with the help of my older brother Ken, and Bonnie, we baled some straw.



Still have another 150 bales or so to bale, should get that done next week. Used all case equipment to do the job, 955 swather, 1160 combine, 281 rake, 200 baler, 830 to pull things, and several models of case running gears under the boxes and racks.

Hopefully the corn will be better, going to have to be a late frost for it to get ripe tho. Some came up right away and is doing well, but some didn't come up til July 1st when we got a good rain. So the late stuff hasn't tassled yet. If it freezes early it's going to be a mess.
Oats did better than expected here, tho expectations were low. All 7 acres I had. About 500bu. The straw was really clean, a little short but great quality. I was able to swath, combine, and neighbor baled got it done a day and a half before the rains started.

Corn is terribly uneven here, as you say. Was hot when it pollinated so the ears are less than perfect, and skinny. Expecting a sub par corn crop.

Beans looked terrible as the drought got bad, I had fields that germinated 3 different times from late May to mid July as we caught 2 small rains for that whole period. Couple fields looked ready to die from no water. Now with the late summer rains the beans have really come on strong, if we get a decent fall they could do pretty good. Will be late tho, and not sure if they will mature together with the long sprouting window.

Never seen seed lay in the ground that long as this year, both corn and beans and then sprout in July..

Yup had some of the same thing around MI lot of beans just layed in dry dirt for months till we got rain in July and now have come a long way. I even replanted about 15 acres they were so bad. Caught a rain about the next day of 1/2 inch just sat there when planted just after the 4th of July NOw with about 5 inches of rain since then and sunny warm weather those replanted look so good. NOw if we get any yield it will be a wonder. Anything over 30bushel will be great with the dry weather and late rains. Weeds took over some of them since nothing was growing there were a lot of guys that didn't spray then rained and to wet so then weeds came in and got to tall for label spraying local spray guys would not spray them off label.left us to twist in the wind so to speak. I have never sprayed beans with weeds so tall as this year. Soil activated spray wouldn't work with no moisture and contact had to have something to hit for it to work. And if there is no crop no sense putting good money after bad.

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