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Yesterday,I was up early for the Walter Headrick Estate sale held just south of Stotesbury,MO..Walter left us much too early at the age of just 62..I left home a little before 7:30 AM for the 28 mile drive up there...On the way to the sale I passed lots of Amish on the Stotesbury Road...I knew Walter because about 10-12 years ago I bought the 3rd MM Bale-O-Matic hay baler ever built from him..I also sat with him at the MO State Fair tractor pull several times..He was a great guy.

The sale started at 9 AM and they ran 2 rings for most of the day..When I left there at dusk,a little after 5 PM each ring still had over 1 hour left to go....I didnt get to see lots of the machinery sell..This was a huge-huge sale..The temp was in the low 20's at the start of the sale and it got up to the high 30's by the middle of the afternoon..It wasnt warm but it still felt much better than the sale I attended on Friday near abundant,MO...There was a large crowd in attendance..

All I bought at the sale was a chili-dog, blackberry cobbler, peach cobbler,and a coke for $10..
These ladies also did the lunch at the sale 2 weeks ago north of Fort Scott,KS.
They sure make some great cobblers that are reasonably priced..


The 4430 JD with a JD 168 loader sold for $17,500..The front bucket sold later for $300.
The tractor was running at 8AM when I got there and wasnt shut off until it sold at 2 PM.

The 7060 Allis with Powershift sold for $3,500...It would run but wasnt started at the sale
because the throttle cable was frozen up..


The running 730 John Deere diesel sold for $6,000.
They had to pull start it..


The 1968 model John Deere 4020 sold for $12,000.
It had nearly new tires.

The Gehl 5635 skid steer sold for $14,000.
It burnt about 1 qt oil per day and had some oil leaks.


The 2005 Sterling road tractor with 900,000 miles sold for $5,500.


The hay trailer sold for $1,700..I think it would haul 26 big bales.


The John Deere 1470 mower conditioner sold for $2,600.
There were two John Deere 1209 mower conditioners that I didnt see sell.
The closest Vermeer 605K baler sold for $1,050..
The parts Vermeer baler sold for $300.
There was another Vermeer baler.


The 1992 GMC 3500 with 124,000 miles and bale spike sold for $2,900.
It was a 454,Automatic and it ran rough..
The right rear fender was gone.


Walter was a avid hunter and had tons of guns and ammo.
It took one ring right at 2 hours to sell all of it.
5 guns went for over $1,000 each with a Benelli 12 gauge bringing $1,500.
A 44 Ruger pistol sold for $900.

I'll be back with more pics and results..


The closest Kawasaki sold for $3,000 and the other one for $$1,500..

This homebuilt 32 ft long trailer sold for $1,800...
The buyer was going to use it to haul rock climbers.
It had to be heavy to pull.

This heavy duty 3 axle trailer sold for $1,000.Walt hauled the skid steer on it.


This Allis Chalmers HD-16 crawler across the road was probably one of the last things to sell..
There was another HD-16 behind it for parts.


There was tons of cattle panels, gates,bale rings, feeders,etc.
I'd never seen that much before..This picture doesn't show half of it
Walt ran lots of cattle and always worked a full time job.


There were 4-5 John Deere square balers that I didnt get to see sell.


The JD 720 parts tractor sold for $500.
To the left were a 3 botton,4 bottom,and a 5 bottom JD plows that sold for scrap for $75 each.


I didnt get to see the anvil sell..


This old Chevy probably sold right at the end of the sale in the dark..


The 20 ft cattle trailer sold for $1,550..
A consigned 2008 Kodiak cattle trailer was a no sale at $7,800.
The seller wanted $8,000.
Thanks for the information , around here the gehl skid steer and the 730 Jd both brought quite a bit more than I think they would have . But all it takes it two guys to want something to push that price.
Sales where the weather is harsh should weed out the timid buyers but the hard core still show up. It tends to make me more determined and bid a little more than I planned. Appreciate the pictures.
Thats what lots of us were thinking..I was shocked when the skid steer easily blew by 10K..I under estimated the price of lots of stuff on the sale..The heirs had to be happy with the results..
Running JD 730 diesel with straight tin. Lots of nostalgic/restoration appeal.

Leaky Gehl skid steer, yuck! Brings more than a running 4020! This is part of why I don't like auctions. They defy logic.
One of our local auctioneers while selling a 730D JD called it the 57 Chevy of tractors. I guess because a lot of folks think they're cool and a lot of folks want one.
A neighbor told me that the 730 JD may have rear end problems..Thats why he had a 720 JD parts tractor...
Nice report, keep up with the good work, how's the wife doing recovery from the wreck?
Hope all's well there.
Not a lot of deer cleaned out here in Henry county.
GG Wes
Shes some better from the wreck but x-rays have revealed other potential serious health problems not related to the wreck.
I've never seen so many dead deer laying beside the hiways in my area..Sometimes its one every mile or two.As of yesterday
a friend has seen 11 deer but hasn't shot one yet.

Thanks much. I don't always say thanks at every auction post from you, but I sure do read and appreciate them.

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