PYO engagement question

Idaho cowboy

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I have a Ford 4610 diesel which has a hydraulic engagement on the PTO clutch. Is there a way to sort of feather the PTO in when starting heavy implements? I recently bought a disc mower and with the tractor at idle it kills the motor when I engage the PTO because the PTO engages so quickly. I am worried about breaking the shaft if I idle the tractor up to much Thanks
have you tried just slowly pulling the lever in gear ? Our IH's are like that without the problem of stalling the engine. They have a lower pressure start of the PTO unit if you pull it in slow it will start without a problem and no sudden jerking into gear then increase engine speed or can you just increase throttle to about 800-1000 and not shock start it without a problem. Not very familiar with Ford PTO units.
Unfortunately there is no soft start for the pto on those models
My older 4000 is the same way
I set the throttle at 1000 rpm and flip the pto lever, as soon as I hear it start to engage I flip the liver off then repeat letting it engage just a little more each time until the mower is turning with enough speed that I can fully engage the pto
I learned to do this with my old drum mower that is harder to get going than the present disc mower
With a little practice it becomes second nature, don’t worry about damaging the pto clutch, I’ve been doing it this way since the mid 90’s
My 6610 does have soft engage, 5000 does not

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