Re-cap-Autolite distributer hepl


In the original post I had stated that I found a rebuilt distributer (IAB-6002-1B) for 300. Came from the outfit that claims to have all kinds of parts, lot of locations, pretty sure you know who I am talking about. 44-6 Massey Harris with the F-226 Continental. Well, obviously they didn't look at what they sent, it was for a 4 cylinder. So, I took the original to guy here in Minnesota that rebuilds them, and he did so for 200. At the same time, the guy that owns the tractor bought a rebuilt carb for it, Zenith 62AJX9 from the same people that could not distinguish the difference between a 4- or 6-cylinder distributer. So yesterday I make the trip to install the distributor. Get it on #1 3/8 BTDC, install the distributer and new wires. Rotate the distributor for spark and secure. Adjust the carb settings per the book, including governor and throttle linkage. All is good! Turn on the gas and crank it. Fires right up and runs like a Swiss watch for about 10-15 minutes. Idle set at 450, just purrs, runs perfect to about 1,000. Then it starts smoking black, and popping through the exhaust, blowing occasional flame and a lot of carbon sparks. Thought it was maybe pre-detonating from the carbon, or it was flooding but could not seem to adjust it to keep it running. Gas was running from the drain on the intake side of carb through the drain plug. Pulled the carb and checked float setting, seemed fine, but decided to adjust to lower the gas level. Put it back on turned on the gas, and no more leaking to the intake side. Thought great! Nope, needle was stuck. Took it off and hone polished the needle float valve. Put it back on again, and no leaks, has gas, but won't fire. Pulled number 1 plug and checked for spark. I had number 1 positioned so I could use the crank to see what we had. Turned with the crank, hot bright spark. Hit the starter and the spark is weak. Changed the condenser out, and had a bright spark, and ran for about 10 minutes and back to the same as the first time. Could this be a distributer ground to the engine issue? Coil does get warm, but not too hot to hang onto. I pulled the distributer out and brought it with me, going to have the guy that rebuilt it just run it in his tester, really just to eliminate that as a cause, and he is only a few miles from me anyway. Any thoughts?
My first thought is that the condensor is bad. Changing it fixed it last time and battery - coil ignition systems are pretty straight forward. Good parts for Autolite distributors should be easy to come by. I have not looked under the cap on my MH 60 PT combine for years. It has a Continental F140 4 cylinder engine. IIRC it has a Echlin condensor from NAPA.

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