Rebuilt my CA starting it is tough


Just rebuilt a CA. Everything is new, runs great except for one thing, I have to pull it to start it. New Battery, Starter has been checked out and is in great shape, but when I try to start it by pulling the lever back the motor only grunts slightly not even a full turn. I replaced the ground and positive cable I have it hooked up correctly with positive ground. If I pull it she fires right up but does not have enough ummph to turn over otherwise. Any thoughts???

Sounds like a bad connection some where or your battery cables are not big enough. If it has a 6 volt system like my b , you will need a larger cable than you would expect, even on a short run, I like to use O or OO gauge on 6-volt systems. Good luck , Shawn
Great tip, I think my cable is a 4 gauge wire. I will make up a 0 or 00 this week and try it. Thank you.

Yep 6 volts and auto type battery cable do not mix well. 6 volt battery use more amps to spin and engine over then a 12 volt battery does so it takes bigging cable to do the job. I bet if you set a 12 volt battery in it you would find it would spin over just fine with the smaller cables but it will not with the 6 volt. In the past I have used weld leads to make up battery cables for 6 volt systems works well and they hold up real good also
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Make sure the timing is correct and not advanced too much. That will make it difficult to turn over and still run well once started.


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