RTI governor

Depends on which adjustment you are talking about. If you are setting the high RPM setting it can be running, If you want to set the initial setting, NO. Set the throttle lever off of idle almost half way open. Gov arm to carb should be loose and fall freely from all the way up and down. Remove cotter and rod from carb. With your fingers hold cab throttle shaft wide open and gov arm all the way up. Linkage rod should enter freely with a slight pressure on the up side. Having said this, due to the arc of the rod from entering, and travel all the way in the hole to secure cotter, the distance changes slightly. You can feel this with the hand that is on the carb shaft. You may have to compensate for this. When you get done be sure the carb shaft is tight to the stop on the carb housing with the gov arm held all the way up. The most critical thing when you are finished the gov arm and rod should rise and fall freely with not even the slightest hesitation or binding. If the gov surges, the rod is too long or too short. The worst part, if this an older tractor you have to bend the rod to change the length, and this is where you get into trouble with the rod binding when you get done. Most have been changed to a threaded rod on the bottom end like the later MM tractors. or you can buy a ball joint. Then you have to cut off the bottom of the rod at the right length allowing for the joint and threads for adjustment. The rod is HARD,you may want to heat red hot and let is cool slowly so as not to ruin your die.

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I don''t know what your problem is but if it isn't working right and maybe before you go through this procedure, take the cover off the bottom and see if the rod inside is worn sloppy in the short arm on the shaft that controls the arm going to the carb. A small amount of free play in there can make a big affect on quick gov action.

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