Source for EP-00 grease?


Does anyone know a good source for EP-00 grease? Soundguy is recommending this for the steering gearbox on older Ford tractors. It sounds like it is exactly what I need.

The problem is I've called everywhere and no one locally has ever heard of EP-00 grease. I've called several large mower shops and two of the local John Deere dealers and no luck. The closest thing I could get is the John Deere dealer said they had something they put in weed wacker gear cases but it is $9.00 for a tooth paste size tube.

Is there some place I can mail order this?

I use CNH pourable high EP oil.

Your CNH dealer may need to order it for you.

Thank you for the replies. I started a hard target on-line search using "00 Grease" and found some on Amazon of all places. Apparently Snapper uses this stuff in some of their transmissions. It was $12.99 for a 32oz bottle.

I see a place also selling it by the case. The web is filled with discussion threads of folks looking for 00 grease for one piece of equipment or another. For such a widely used product it sure is hard to buy (at least in small quantities).
as I told you.. you will want to find a snapper dealer.

here are the numbers from my previous post showing part numbers:

stens 770123 is what I got
is a replacement for snapper 61017

i double checked to make sure my eyes didn't fool me, but bottle states it hs ep addatives.

apparrrently crosses to the following brands / numbers:

Foley/PLP 159021
Rotary 9089
Snapper 11050
Stens 770123 , 770172

the stens claims to have ep addatives

one of the dozens of places online I saw selling it
used in a lot of rotary cutter boxes from the factory now.

we use in in windmill boxes as well.

used to be used in model T trannys long ago.

great for anything that has some wear and leaks 90 weight.

if it doesent hold "double ought", then you pump it full of grease.. next step.
Yep, that's the stuff I ordered. I called a couple local Snapper shops and they had no idea what I was talking about.
guess they don't actually fix or repair things at that snapper store.. perhaps just sell them.

the spec sheet i have for the cnh ep grease says it is a nlgi #0 grease.

0# grease is actually what was specified in the 1962 ford service bulletin to combat leaky sector seals.

not as thin as 00ep.. but both IMHO work better that either .. no oil.. or stiff 1,2 or 4# grease that will form a cavity

Thanks. I now remember reading the 1962 bulletin and local CNH parts didn't know about 0 or 00 grease when I asked but then I saw a Quart of the pourable EP on their shelf and bought it.

If you are still looking for the Stens 00 here is what I did last week:
Google "Stens", you will see their contact link. Click their contact link and send them an email asking them where the nearest distributor of the "oo" grease is. Make sure you give them your address with zip code.
My reply came back the next day. It was a lawn mower dealer a two miles down the road. $17.00 a quart.
The fina data sheet i have on the cornhead grease states it is ep, polyurea and NLGi #0

according tot he bulletin from ford, from 1962 I have tacked to my wall, ford reccomended filling the manual steering boxes with a '0' grease.

thus I'd have to say that the '0' grease is most appropriate.

The problem with the '0' grease is that you usually have to buy a case of it.. if you can get it by the tube.. then a couple tubes will do ya.. otherwise, the cnh ep pourable lube or the sten 00 grease will be fine. all 3 are ep rated, and all 3 will hold up better than oil in them boxes, and that means bearings and moving parts will be in lube and not dry.

Thanks! I did find a place that sold it by the tube and have three tubes in my possession. So I could go EP-0 Cornhead or EP-00 Stens at this point.

Since my seals are leaking I'm going to go the Cornhead grease route as you suggest.

Hopefully I can get this done tonight after work.

Thanks for the help.
yep.. if very leaky seals.. go 0 grease.. it will leak less than 00 and both are fine / better than no lube.

ps.. yer arms are gonna look like popeye unless you have an air or electric grease gun after pumping in 2 tubes.

ps.. you sometimes see a weep hole on the steering column underside.. plug that with some tape as you pump so you can get grease extruded out under the steering wheel to lube that top bushing.

also turn the wheel lock to lock once you get about 3/4 a tube in to get it moved a bit..


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