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I'm looking for a little input here from some guys that have some experience with these types of rakes, they are fairly new but want to see if anybody has one and how everybody likes them. I'm refering to a kuhn SR 108/110 or a sitrex QR 8 or 10 which can be bought as a rhino brand as well. I'm planning on buying a v-rake for next year, These types seem to have the function of the big fancey rakes that cost $10,000 with a more economical price. I'm asking about these specific rakes...please don't compare to a 5 bar type rake I have one of those and like it and know the differences between 5 bar rakes and wheel rakes...thanks guys
They take a little getting used to. You have to cut the hay as straight back and forth as possible because they don't corner worth a darned. I get a heck of a lot better bale with the V rake because it makes a good wide consistant windrow. Since the boys have left home,I work alone and I can rake a lot of hay in a big hurry with mine. Bottom line I guess,after ten years or so using one,I'd buy another one.
I should be okay, my fields are sqaure and rectangular. what specific brand and configuration do you have? But that's exactly what I'm going for...consistant windrow width...to give round bales...nice square edges, and no weaving back and forth with tractor trying to keep bales even...and cut down on raking time...
I've got a Gehl 318 3 point hitch. It has it's advantages on headlands and the fact that you can flip the gangs over and use it for a tedder too. I just went and fluffed up a bunch that got rained on,works pretty good. BUT,it has one big disadvantage too over the newer ones of other brands. The finger wheels sit behind the spindles so they are pulling them vs the ones where the wheels sit out in front of the spindles. If you have to turn a windrow or in extremely heavy hay,it won't clear the spindles before it gets out the back and the hay bunches and makes a huge mess. If I was to go out and buy a new one,it would be the other style where the frame and spindles push the wheels out in front.
Very good point...but all three rakes I have mentioned pull the wheels...I think most rakes that push the wheels are the more expensive rakes...New Holland H152 style with the dolley wheels at the outside edges...Kuhn has a 300 series speed rake on their website...that pushes the wheels..but dealer says they might getsome of those next year but didn't know the price?? That gives me something else to look at though...pushes the wheels vs. pulling the wheels...

Have a 10 wheel Vermeer. You can do a lot of raking in a hurry with it. Width of windrow is adjustable. Disadvatage: When it is folded up for transport it is pretty wide. In really thick rank hay, the kind I seldom have, it will bunch up at the back and not flow on out.

Vermeer has a new v rake which folds up into a more narrow transport width. Pequea makes a new one which also has a narrow transport width and the wheels float indivually. The 8 wheel rakes are more compact but are slightly slower.

I help a good friend of mine when he's doing hay and rake for him. He has a 10 wheel Kuhn carted rake. No center wheels. When he spreads it out for the 6 ft. wide pickup for his JD round baler I have to pull it no less than 6.3 MPH to make the hay even out across the windrow. Anything less it leaves 2 windrows with a little hay in the middle. On good smooth fields I pull up to 9.5 mph. This rake will rake in turns very well. If you want to rake a lot of hay fast this rake will do the job. I have a smaller baler and use a rotary rake.
Take a look at the Newly designed Vermeer VR Rakes
I suppose 'fairly new' depends on one's concept; I had an 8-wheel 3-point hitch model (Tonutti??) at least 25 years ago; coulda been more. I liked the way it worked, but it was a bit@h to fold up. Later had a 10-wheel similar to the one pictured (wel-bilt?? dura-bilt??? dang CRS); loved it!!!
what do you mean, "dang CRS"? If it wasn"t for CRS, some days I couldn"t "remember" anything! Thank God for delusional- lol.
I have a H&S Hi-capacity 14 wheel rake that will rake anything so far I've put in frt of it.It has raked Coastal Bermuda,Bahia,Johnson grass,corn & maize stalks. Mine pushes the wheels therefore hay stays in front of frame till windrow is formed,windrow width is crank adjusted,raking width is adjustable from 10-30 ft with the movement of hyd cylinder.

Downside to rake in photo similar to the Vermeer is as mentioned thick hay will drag under pipe frames and bunch

more difficult to set windrow and raking width as windrow width affects raking width

when it has a lot of use hinges & pins get worn leaving an inconsistent windrow

higher transport height than a bi-fold rake.

downside to wheel rake over bar rake is teeth drive from touching ground so some dust/dirt gets in hay but I've never had a customer complain.
The Tonutti made Vermeer WR20-WR24 is being dropped next year because Vermeer is selling ever VR series rakes they can build here in the USA.
(quoted from post at 09:24:07 06/11/10) The Tonutti made Vermeer WR20-WR24 is being dropped next year because Vermeer is selling ever VR series rakes they can build here in the USA.

I can understand why Vermeer is dropping Tonutti built rakes because they won't stay together in rough hay ground in Texas.

I had a JD 704 bi-fold rake which was Tonutti built for JD that would break 2x4 tubing's and other frame parts that went across rear end while it was under warranty. I traded it for the H&S rake in 2002 and have be very happy and raked 1000's of acres with it.

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