TO-20 Tractor steering oil seals leak


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So I have a TO-20 and the steering arms leak oil. Since I would like
to sell it, I would like to fix this issue, but I cant seem to find the
correct oil seal. I found an online parts catalog manual, but I cant
seem to find an actual place to buy the seal. Could there be any
replacement part numbers? Can anyone help me out?



seal has been updated to part number 70931031 from old part number 195761m1. New number available from Massey. Wayne
Not trying to discourage you, but if it was mine I would lower the fluid level, put in some corn head grease, clean off the outside and be done. Mine leaks because I put too much gear oil in, so it looks just like yours. But besides the mess, will never leak lower than the seals. So I dont think it functionally matters. And Im thinking that is about an 8 hour repair effort.
My to-20 was leaking also. Several years ago there was a post on this site. The poster said to grind foundry casting off of fat part of control arm, that way you slide seal on and off. That is what I did on mine. I don t remember but when you get old seal there mite be a part number on it. I believe the seal was Chicago rawhide. I went my local Napa store ,they hade to order the seal. Other posts on form also recommend cornhead grease. That would be and easy fix. Good luck on your project.

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