TO-30 in/ex manifold gasket part#

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Anybody know Fel-Pro part # for in/ex gasket TO-30?

O.K. I took one for the team and waited on hold w/Fel-Pro for...........................ages.......should fit 20s 30s 35s and I think 50s Massy-Fergs

Part# is MS9023B

With part # was able to find NOS Fel-Pro on Ebay $6.60 delivered.

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(quoted from post at 16:15:41 11/05/23) In the subject.

Anybody know Fel-Pro part # for in/ex gasket TO-30?

Gasket is at post office, delivery tomorrow and hope to do install, pending manifold inspection upon removal.

A couple more quick questions. I have both IT and Ferguson shop manuals. Neither one give torque sequence nor torque spec for installing the manifold.

I assume you start at inside studs, go upper then lower in a cross pattern, then finish with outside nuts. Torque spec? I'm guessing ~10-15 ft/lbs and check after running a bit

Is it worth using permatex copper gasket sealer (700 oF), or can I get by with aviation form a gasket (400 oF). I have a big can of the latter.

I know the copper would be better but money is tight now.....

Lookee here. Hecho in USA! I guess it's a Mexican box.....

Gasket is real deal USA with metal inside it.


Looks good.
When you posted a few days ago, I checked the Fel-Pro website, as they had a good parts look-up system many years ago.
Now...not so much. :(

I sent Fel-Pro this message, through their website:
I used Fel-Pro gaskets several years ago when I was restoring a 1950 Ferguson Model TO-20 Tractor with a Continental Z120 engine. I can't find anywhere on your website to look up these parts now. Are they still available?[/i:13c7a39948] [/b:13c7a39948]

I received this response from Fel-Pro a day or two later:
Hello Tom,
Thanks for the question.
Sorry, All the Felpro products for this engine have been obsoleted with no replacement.
Full set FS7558B
Head set HS7558B
Head gasket 7558B
Best regards,
Paul - 0449
Garage Gurus

I take that to mean that once dealers/vendors are out of stock: no more Fel-Pro gaskets.
One more thing: I can check the torque specs, tightening sequence, etc., in the Shop Manual, if you haven't already installed the manifold.
(quoted from post at 12:23:29 11/14/23) One more thing: I can check the torque specs, tightening sequence, etc., in the Shop Manual, if you haven't already installed the manifold.

Well people who've done this are probably laughing at me can't torque the nuts.......

6 of 8 of the manifold nuts you can't get a socket on. You not only need to disconnect the carb to remove the manifold, impossible to get at the bottom nuts with carb in the way, need to use a box end. Same for the top ones except for those need to remove the gas tank, glad it was nearly empty. Box end only, not room for an open end.

Two "Hillbillys" on the gas tank mounting bolts (5/16") . One was a 5/16" battery terminal bolt , had the square head, another was 1/4" and had an additional 1/4" washer/nut to hold it. The bolt mounting holes are threaded 5/16"

I'm replacing all the nuts as they were probably on there since I was a child. ~1/8-1/4 turn at a time, with the box end almost until they came all the way off.

So no way to torque the nuts. I have both a 52 and 73 updated versions of the Fergy shop manual. No info in those for tightening sequence, nor the IT manual.

Now the best part, not only was gasket shot, but a few holes in the manifold, #1 and #3 exhaust. Looking for a new picture shows the hole in #3 ex.

And one of the manifold nuts fell down the ex pipe..........




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Manifold was shot. 3 holes once you poked the rust. Hole on #1 was so bad didn't notice other two holes. New manifold on the way. Shopping high temp paint, and getting new hardware for manifold and gas tank.

Some of the manifold washers seem to have been copper? No lock washers, are they needed? Don't see any in Fergy IPL/Parts manual. Debating on SS or brass nuts/washers for manifold.

Good news is head surface and studs are in good shape. Cleaned up with a paint scraper/razor blade and some cloth backed 80 grit on a hardwood sanding block. All set when manifold gets here.



RE:manifold washers

The parts book describes the washer as 3/8, flat, small.

I keep a stock of 'heavy' washers that I use for manifolds. Common washers deform. I've seen the factory heavy washers on my Fords, not sure if I've ever seen a unmolested OEM Ferguson set up.
Heavy washers
(quoted from post at 16:15:41 11/05/23) In the subject.

Anybody know Fel-Pro part # for in/ex gasket TO-30?

Updating the thread. I found a replacement manifold online. Quick shipping and came with, surprise! a carb/manifold and manifold/head gasket set.

Seemed to be a quality casting, came lightly oiled to keep off flash rust. I checked the mating surface to head with a straightedge and test fitted it to the head studs. All looked good so painted with some high temp Rustoleum.(1200 oF) Supposed to be available in grey but local stores only had black. A few coats and cured it near the woodstove. Should have also checked putting on the nuts and using the box end for fitment too before painting......

I forgot that when a local hardware store closed I'd purchased a whole bunch of nuts/bolts/screws/washers in stainless so went with that for new hardware (by chance had thick small dia 3/8" flat washers in the lot). I used the permatex copper for the gasket but the label said not for head gaskets/in contact with gas? Don't think that will be an issue.

Assy went well until trying to tighten the manifold nuts. Getting a wrench on the nuts was worse than the manifold that came off it (original?). Some you could not even fit a box end and curiously some that had to be removed with only a box had to use an open. In fact had to sort through my collection of 9/16" opens to turn two of the nuts, ended up using a 14mm.

I considered taking off the manifold and grinding off the offensive parts of the casting so wrenches fit easy, but the gasket already had sealer and then the manifold would have to be repainted.

I ran into this problem in the past on a 9N, in fact ended up returning that manifold. Lesson re-learned, do a dry fit up which includes connecting [b:e772b581f5]all hardware and linkages[/b:e772b581f5].......on the 9N the offending casting would not allow the throttle/governor linkage to fit.

Next fitment issue was the exhaust. The outlet was well machined but ~3/4" forward of the OEM manifolds. Easy to slide muffler assy forward by loosening the clamp near the differential, also had to bend the ex pipe inlet a bit to line up right and get a good seal with the clamp. Gas tank got new mounting bolts/washers too.

Overall it seals well now and is quiet.

One other tip. You can disconnect the carb at manifold, and air inlet at the TO-20 air filter assy (TO-20/30 Franken-Fergy) and drop it down without having to disconnected the choke/throttle linkages. Easiest way to install the carb/inlet assy. Do this with fuel tank still off.

Next problem is gas tank developed a leak after disturbing it. Will start a new thread on that.........



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