twin city rod bearing

Those are a shimmed bearing. Are you out of shims? Normal procedure is to remove shims to compensate for bearing wear.
Are you needing a TW27B? Easy to confuse the B and the 8.
From the two TW27B bearing halves, the TW25 rod and the TW83 pin bushing. All 17-28 parts also so it widens your search.
I'm on a long term hunt for a rod for a 21-32 power unit engine so your post is interesting.

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I have plenty of shims. A piece busted off the bearing collar and got wedged between the crank and bearing. The grooves are too deep to machine down, remove shims and still be able to use it.
Interesting that you said piece broke off and damaged crank. Bearings too loose? Have you checked the clearances, especially to check to see if the journal is out of round? I had one that to get close to the right clearance at tdc/btc it made the crank hang up when at 90 degrees from tdc or bdc.
It looks like the crank is fine, it's the bearing that got chewed up. I haven't checked the clearances yet but will as soon as I find a useable bearing.
I don't think you will ever find a set. The bearings are babbit and poured in the conectiog rod and then ground for the crankshaft. If your rods are still in good shape you will have to find a place that can pour babbit bearings and send the rod to them to put new babbit in. I know there has to be places but finding them might be a problem.
Have a full set with mains. As said odds are they will never fit crank unless rebabbitted. Have NOS set for a U no one wants.Odds are if one bearing bad whole bottom end should be done. Rebuilt would mean crank to be removed, sized and bearings poured to crank specs. Most shops won't pour unless they have crank.

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