What Engine??

(quoted from post at 02:12:50 12/05/23) Pushed my Cletrac/Avery/Montgomery Ward/Massey Harris tractor in the shop today to see how bad the engine is. It has been sitting out in a field for over 40 years. I
think the tag on the engine is from a rebuilder but Im hoping someone can help me with what engine it is for sure so I can locate parts or a complete engine.
<img src=https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cvphotos/cvphoto168001.jpg>

<img src=https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cvphotos/cvphoto168002.jpg>

<img src=https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cvphotos/cvphoto168003.jpg>

<img src=https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cvphotos/cvphoto168004.jpg>
Shes in pretty rough condition.

Wonder just how large of a Hercules engine could be bolted in there and appear reasonably stock ?

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The .008 and .006 are the valve clearance.

Any IX Hercules should fit. The IXB-5 which was a common industrial engine has a 5 gear timing train, instead of 3, so the front cover is bigger.
Its a smaller version of the 25 you could say. Its a Pacemaker twin power. Its stuck as well but I pulled the head off of it this afternoon and I think it wont be to bad to get going. Ive got some witches brew soaking the cylinders as we speak.



You left off MM in your pedigree. I have an Avery A and parts and an MM A that was built after the acquisition with Avery parts, both with IXB-3 engines. Would sell one or both if you are interested. I'm in Mississippi. Where are you located?
Hi rustcollector. I am a long way away from you. Im in southern Alberta. I was in your beautiful state last winter on a holiday. Really enjoyed it. Thanks .
I freed up an IxB back in 2020 that was that bad.
You need to start soaking the pistons and valves now, though.

Bill Williams in Baldwyn MS (I hope that is the abreviation for Mississippi) is a source for parts.

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