White Smoke?

My ford 2n blows white smoke. I looked up reasons why and it said that it could be a blown head gasket. I looked up blown head gasket symptoms and one was white smoke and one was a milky white susbsants in the oil. I changed the oil today and just noticed a dark black oil with was long over due for an oil change. Is it a head gasket or just a rich carb

Clapped 2n
The primary difference between using oil, and loosing coolant is if it looses oil(a quart every 2 hours) it is worn engine parts. If it is coolant, it will show loss of coolant and possibly overheat. Oil smoke smells like a refinery, coolant smells sweet. Jim
Are you talkin about when it's warmed up
or just started. If the engine is cold it
could just be vapor as well. Does it lose
coolant? If it's making white smoke from
coolant you should be able to taste sweet
in the vapor, and see a drop in coolant
level. Also likely see bubbles in the
radiator. Also, unless you have seen the
difference, white from coolant and Grey
from fuel might be hard to differentiate.
A bad head gasket does not always make the oil milky
that depends on how bad it is leaking. Sometimes in
the beginning stages of the head gasket going bad it
may only leak when the engine is at operating
temperature and the cooling system has built pressure.
When the gasket gets to the point that it leaks hot or
cold that is when milky oil starts coming into play. That
is because when it sets the gasket leaks coolant into
the cylinder. It then leaks down past the piston and
into the oil pan. Since the water or coolant is heavier
than oil it goes to the bottom below the oil. Eventually
enough builds up that it gets sucked into the oil pump
and gets mixed in and then the milk shake is served.

Oil could be normal now if the leakage is not associated with and oil passage.
You could remove plugs when engine sat sometime ( cold ) . Check for moisture each cylinders on spark plugs.
Or do a leak down test . Should be some how to leak down tests your tube video on that to reference
Oil showing is black,,, thats good, no water in it..... Now pull the radiator cap while it running. Fill to top,, then look for bubbles. IF it keeps blowing bubbles, you have a leak between the coolant and compression area, usually a blow head gasket or cracked head.
If no bubbles, then maybe your seeing either low compression and oil consumption. If oil consumption, you should see lots of blow by coming out of the oil breather as well.

On a cold day, most engines will show a bit of white when first started as they heat up and the moisture quickly is burnt out of the exhaust for a few seconds.
I had a blown head gasket on my work van once. Had to drive it 25 miles to get it home. Look like a mosquito sprayer attached to the back end. You might do a compression test on each cylinder before you tear it down to be sure. I wasn't getting very much compression on one cylinder.

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