YT parts section. Is this also for the 706 ?

That is the correct one, the CNHI part number 379782R92 subs to A47038. YT parent company ASAP. Shows a kit that looks like it only includes the items needed to just replace the upper seal.
ASAP part.
They also have the dust boot. IH 382587R1
Dust boot
Check your mail icon above for more info.
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The upper seal is in the top of the hand pump/motor so you have to pull the wheel off then the dust boot and you will see a snap ring in there remove it and with the steering wheel set back on loosely turning it will force the bushing and seal out the top. I have had to have the engine running on a couple occasions for this to work . Just be ready to shut it down quick. Then with the bushing and seal out just wipe clean and iol new seal and install. The steering wheel can be the hardest part of the whole job some times. If you find it is leaking at the bottom of the hand pump/motor then it has to come out of the column to get the cap off and be sure you mark it before removing the cap. Some have to stay timed and some don't.
I don't know that there is a size code. About all the 06,56,66 are the same top seal and bushing I believe. At least on the larger frame models like the 806,1206,856,1256,1456,1066,1466 and maybe a couple models I missed. I also believe without looking the 706,756 are the same hand pump using the same seals. Just would not make sense to use a different one for those few models when they are basically the same except for a wee bit in size. The steering column and shift lever shafts are shorter in the 706,756 is about the difference there. Frame is a bit narrower I guess also. Somebody will drop by and say different if it is.
I recently bought the entire kit so I only need another seal and not the brass spacer or dust cover.
I'm fairly certain I could get the seal by itself at any auto parts store or online if I knew the seal size ID, OD and thickness.
When I have it out again I'll try to get this info and post it here.
It was suggested that I try to install 2 seals instead of one. I haven't tried it yet and don't know if two would fit under the snap ring.
I have two other options.....

1). Buy a new part (if available)
2). Remove the shaft and electroplate it.

I have done electroplating before with good results on motorcycle parts. I have never electroplated a shaft which would then need a seal on it.
My thought was to use 1000+ grit emery cloth to smooth the shaft (with as little effort as possible to preserve thickness), then apply several layers of nickel plating (for hardness).

If the shaft has any wear marks, those would have to be addressed first with an underlayer of copper to fill in small defects.
This would result in a nearly chrome finish that should provide an excellent seat for the seal.

Since the shaft is not a high speed application and low pressure it might work fine.
If anyone has any experience with electroplating please chime in on this.

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