1650 PTO Clutch Install Help


Replacing the PTO clutch plates in my 1650 gas. When I removed the clutch discs, there was one fewer steel plate and friction disc than
called for in parts book. OK, no worries, as that might have been something done by PO for some reason.

Anyway, with 6 friction discs and 5 steel plates installed as called for in parts book, I can't get the clutch lever to snap over. I can get
a little bit of lever travel. I've adjusted the notched clutch collar both in and out without any luck. Pulled it all apart and put it back
together with 5 friction discs and 4 steel plates. Still no luck getting the lever to snap over, although I could get more lever travel.

I'm guess I've done something to prevent the adjustment from working well and getting that lever snap. I can't imagine that you remove discs
until it snaps correctly. Any thoughts?
I checked the 1650 parts book on the AGCO website and it turns out that 5 and 4 are used for a dual speed pto clutch, which mine is. That's one mystery solved. Now to see why it's not adjusting to allow the lever to snap over center.

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