2350 Injector Pump Removal

Justin B66

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I have a JD 2350 which sat for a few month until I could get the lift pump and filters relapced Once I did, I got it running and it seems to have plenty of fuel to the injector pump. When operating the throttle, at the pump, there was no change in engine speed or power. I limped her back to the barn and since then I can not get it to start, I presume the injector pump needs to be rebuilt.


What is the process for removing the injector pump, are there marks that need to be alinged prior to removal. I have a lot of mechanical experience but have yet to get into the fuel system on a diesel.

Any and all assitance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Parts list shows the CAV DPA pump has a tapered shaft for the drive gear and a key for gear alignment. No timing needed, just use the pump housing flange scribe mark and note where it is with the timing case scribe mark, the two USUALLY are aligned. Remove the gear/shaft nut and washer, and hopefully the gear has two tapped holes for the pusher plate placed across end of drive shaft to pop the shaft loose. The bolts will probably me metric thread. When going back on MAKE SURE the drive key fully enters the gear key groove, if not a half sheared key WILL throw the pump out of time.
Before you pull that pump you might want to check the screen in the pump inlet fitting. I worked on one last summer that did the very same thing. Started right up and sounded good, but would not rev up much past idle. Fuel and filter looked clean. I removed the inlet line to the pump and then the screen. It was caked. Don't know with what, because the tractor has been serviced regularly, as the other three tractors on the farm. A 2550 and 2555 open station and a 2555 cab tractor. I cleaned the screen and it solved the problem. Has been running fine ever since.

I've heard of people finding those screens plugged but have never found one myself. Maybe I should look for it more often.

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