4210 quits running after 30 min under load


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Friend has 4210 that stops running after 30 - 45 minutes under load. Will start up after 2 - 3 minutes but will not run under load. Replaced
engine fuel filter with no improvement. What should we look for.
Get a good flashlight and look inside the tank at the bottom for something floating around in there that may block the outlet. Most tanks on newer machines are made of black plastic so what I am suggesting may be less effective. Looks like there is a drain on the bottom of the tank see if it will drain for 5 - 10 minutes without getting plugged. If the hose for the actual outlet to the filter could be removed to see if it will flow continuously for the 10 minutes would be the ideal test, but I have no idea how easily that area is accessed. Hope he does not find black algae goo in the tank.
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take the fuel line off at the filter and see what kind of fuel flow you have there. if a tiny stream then trouble at the tank. if good flow trouble at the filter and beyond. some of the little tractors have a screen to unscrew at bottom of tank outlet that can get plugged.
I'm not familiar with that model but it sure sounds like the pickup line in the tank is collapsing. Had one do that at the dealership ages ago.
Thanks to all who responded. We got the tractor running correctly after removing some gunk from the fuel line to the junction. Sorry I don't know the correct term, but where the drain valve and the line to the fuel pump. There was significant black crude at this spot.

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