5030 shuttle sticking


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Running a great 5030 that recently started sticking in reverse. It'll run fine awhile sometimes all day and other times every time you go into reverse it gets stuck. I can slip the clutch a little and sometimes it'll pop right out but other times it takes 2-5 mins to get it out. Doesn't seem to be any specific reason(hilly, flat, loaded or empty) just when it feels like it i guess. One other odd thing, when it's stuck you can pull both the high/low and the gear into neutral but if you apply pressure to the shuttle it's still catching the gear. Enough infact if you push hard enough it'll stall the tractor. Clutch seems fine with free play and this just started out of the blue. Any help other than a $4200 synchronizer and a complete disassembly?
Unfortunately it sounds like the forward/reverse synchronizer is going bad
I should have a decent used one if you can’t come up with something better
This tractor has a cobbled on Ford loader(not my doing) probably interested in a used one. It's going to take me awhile because the weather's terrible here in WV to get this thing broke down unfortunately. Half the sub frame that was built was welded on hard to the tractor so I'll have a nightmare to deal with before I can even get started on the breakdown.
What's your price on a good used synchronizer? I've called about everyone around local with nothing available. I ain't the best on trying to find stuff online.
I’m away from home for another week
When I get back I’ll check it
I know there’s 4 synchros in that trans with one being different from the rest
All were working but one was a little rougher than the others, don’t remember which one
I fairly sure the shuttle, h/l and 1-4 are all the same part number. You got any knowledge on the PTO? Under load mines slipping. I was told it's hydraulic engagement and could be pump/flow issue. Are the clutches in the PTO a known issue or more commonly hydro problems? Hate bothering anyone but anything that ain't 40 years old or older is out of my comfort zone. Spent my whole life keeping old junk F 8n's and MF 35's, running. This New Holland is a whole different animal.

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