630 hood and gas tank removal

old bones

Need to take the hood and gas tank off. Tank is rusty inside, and I'd like to do the bolts/nuts/washers in the tank and spin it on another tractor's rear tire thing. Took the nose and grill off already. Looks like it would be a bugger to get the steering shaft loose and pulled out, so I could get the tank/hood off in one piece.
This is a project tractor, and I need to find and repair power steering leaks, build alternator brackets, completely rewire it, and other stuff. I think it would be a lot easier to do these with the hood and tank off, too.
Is it possible to take the hood off, then take the steering shaft off, then the tank?
I took the A apart years ago to paint it, and that came off in one piece, but I could pull the steering shaft out by the steering wheel. This one doesn't look friendly at all, with 2 u-joints tucked up against the hood, and not sure how to go about taking it off without taking the hood off.

Somewhat the same, but a little different than working on my B, A, and 60. Not sure of the best way to go about this.
Open to suggestions/instructions.
Thank you.
Hood and tank come off separately. If you need to repair PS leaks you'll be moving the steering shaft anyway, then get to the tank.
I agree with Deeretails - the fuel tank will come off without bothering the steering shaft. The hood will come off without bothering the tank or steering shaft.

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