7050 what is it worth


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My retired neighbor has a AC 7050 he is thinking about selling,about a 1974 model with 6000 hours. The clutch is bad. The back tires are near new.I have known this guy my entire life, or I should say he has known me my entire life. The tractor has been taken care of. A local dealer has a 7060 listed for $11,500 (been listed for a long time). Any ideas on how much the 7050 with a bad clutch is worth and what the new clutch parts will cost ? Any pros and cons to the 7050. Thanks
Ther isn't really an actual "clutch" several hydraulic disconnect things and torque limiters, would depend on what's bad. Lots of hours, might be near overhaul time. Maroon or black belly?Black was the late improved, Running condition +or- $10000-15000
Chris,the clutch in the 70xx was the low side of the Power Director shift.It could be as simple as a bad valve(low dollar) or the Damper Plate-Power Director clutches($3-4,000).1973 was the first year for that trans.,some were trouble free and some were tore down more then running.As far as money they are a $2-3000 if in good shape.The 80xx seris were 4-5 times better tractors and they won't bring $10,000.Check Fastline.Com for Nationwide Pricing.
Thanks for the responses. He set the price at $1500.00 including a 3pt cultivator and chiselplow plus the 1/2 tank of fuel in it. Any suggestions on how to diagnose the problem or does the tractor have to be split ? Is it something I could fix myself ? Don't really need any more farm yard art.
Its well worth $1500.You will have to split it.In my area a decent 7050 AC will bring about $4-5000.

7060's sell for about $6-7000.

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