7580 Allis maintenance

Ron Sa

A friend of mine just bought a 7580 Allis and we want to get it field ready. How do we check the oil level in the rear axle? We found the transmission dip stick that is in front of the articulation joint. We see several hydraulic lines running between the rear axle and the transmission. Is the rear axle a dry sump setup that is lubricated from the transmission that is in front of the articulation joint?
You may already know this, but I"ll throw it out anyway--U-joints at the front end of the driveshafts spanning the articulation joint are constant velocity type double joints with a centering ball. These things must be greased religiously and frequently. I don"t think it"s possible to grease them too much. They are expensive and a PITA to replace. That being said, I think some of the 7580"s may have received an update kit eliminating those CV joints.
toms warning is good advice that top shaft turnes engine speed and is for the pto and pumps. the lines you see are for the breaks they come out of the rear and go back there. remember that is a 180 hp tractor if you turn it up mutch or lug it you will pay sooner than later

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