9n lift problems.


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This is probably going to be long because I want to be detailed and I'm long winded as it is. The tldr is three point works but is weak. I bought this tractor from a older gentleman who had been collecting it but wasn't a mechanic. It ran poorly but good enough and everything seemed to work ok so I gave him $800 and took it home. I am a mechanic so I tuned it up did a ton of adjustments according to the manual and replaced a few things. I had plenty of free time at that time and spent two weeks on it before I decided it was good enough for a working tractor. About a month later the hydraulics quit completely. I'm a mechanic but I'm not a tractor mechanic so I took to the internet for diagnostics. I eventually decided it was likely the pump so I ordered a kit and when it came in I pulled the pump and started tearing it down. In that process a bolt snapped in the pump housing. I couldn't get it out with the limited tools available to me at home so I just ordered a used pump from ebay and rebuilt it. After I got it in everything worked fine until several months down the road. I had to unload an engine from a trailer and I couldn't pick it up with my boom pole. It was an aluminum block engine so it wasn't terribly heavy but the tractor just wouldn't pick it up. I'm bad about overloading the tractor and I've had the front wheels off the ground trying to pick stuff up with that boom pole. The front end was stuck to the ground and the engine was stuck to the trailer. I didn't have time to work on it then and it would still pick up my bushhog so I let it go. Another several months later working in my now limited free time I had that engine swapped into a truck and I needed to move the old one. The tractor had been used for bushhogging but I hadn't done any heavy lifting. I had no other way to move the engine so I hooked up my boom pole and tried to pick it up. The tractor picked it up effortlessly. From then on it worked great. I even used it to move an engine transmission combo. It worked great until earlier this year. I was using it to move pieces of a large oak tree from my neighbor's house to mine and the hydraulics went weak again. I had it overloaded with the front end very light. I went to pick up a piece and it wouldn't do it. The hydraulics had gone weak again. There was no sign that anything had gone wrong like a pop or anything. They just didn't work right anymore. I checked it out a few days later and there wasn't any fluid raining down from the top or anything so I stuck a relief valve in it because why not and it still had the same problem. I used it for months only bushhogging until this weekend when I needed to move that engine from the engine transmission combo again. It wouldn't pick it up so the problem didn't solve itself with bushhogging alone this time. I was able to help the boom up and it stayed there but when I went to let it down it went down very abruptly. I'm glad it was going onto a pallet on a gravel floor. I didn't have much of a load on the three point last time I was checking it out with the inspection cover off. I might look at it again under load. Also the big draft spring has always had play in it. It tightens up under certain conditions which I can't recall now, but as I understand it it should always be tight. I tried penetrating oil and a big pipe wrench but I couldn't turn it for adjustment. I can take it to work some time and hit it with a torch if that has anything to do with my problem. It has also never lifted smoothly with either pump. I have a video on youtube I made to figure out how my new gopro worked and how to edit videos. I learned a lot about both but the video is still bad. I had a link here. Lets see if I can post now. You can see there that the lift is strong enough to pick up the front end and hear how the pump is working. I don't know if that is normal pump sound or not but it worked good. Now the pump makes less sound and seems to be pumping faster and with almost no effect with heavy loads. I can make another quick video of it in it's current state if that helps. I have another car in my shop now that I'm working on but after that I need to get this tractor back working right. I hate it when people bring me a car and don't give me a full enough story and waste my time and their money so I've tried to give as much info as possible on the front end. Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I guess I can't post links yet or something. I don't care to promote that channel. I may never upload to it again. I guess I need help with forum rules also.
HiYa Jay-
Welcome aboard. Stop until you get the ESSENTIAL MANUALS and read up on the 9N systems if you don't already have. The 39-53 MPC, I&T FO-4 Manual, and the 9N/2N
SERVICE MANUAL are must-reads if'N ya wanna be an N-Owner and mechanic. ...I am a mechanic so I tuned it up did a ton of adjustments according to the manual and
replaced a few things... Might have better to ask here first. What all did you replace/adjust? You need to know how the 9N/2N HYD system works before you try to
remove any parts for rebuild. Chances are your hyd cylinder is worn and needs a new one, but, do not buy any new parts yet. I can help if you email me --- click on the
EMAIL LINK. I have a document I wrote ten years ago on the N HYD SYSTEM rebuild and can also send you much more info, but is too long to post here and is probably in
the archives here anyway. The 9N/2N hyd system is different than the 8N System but BOTH require the top cover to be pulled off and there is a certain way that each
must be done. Four bolts under the seat fasten the cylinder onto the bottom of the Top Cover and they MUST NOT be removed until you get the Top Cover off and on your
workbench. The 9N/2N system uses a wishbone linkage that must be removed first before the Top Cover can be lifted off. FWIW: As with anything from ebay - Caveat
Emptor (Buyer Beware), and I buy too parts on occasion but only from a few reliable sources. The Internet has much to offer but you will find a lot, U-TOOB especially,
has many opinions and incorrect info stated. The best D-I-Y Video is this one by J&D Productions - SEE LINK.


Tim Daley(MI)

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