AC 160 Diesel


A neighbor with a tractor collection of over 85 tractors recently passed away. All except perhaps 8 of those are Allis Chalmers. I have restored at least 10 of them over the last years. I currently have a 160 diesel in my shop -serial no 0140396. Anyone know what year that is? All my serial number references do not have the 160's in them. Do all the 160's have the 3 cylinder Perkins engine? Other than being badly weathered, the tractor is in pretty good shape - needs a seat, paint job, starter work, etc. Hour meter works and shows 1514 hours. Anyone want to give me input on what that tractor should be worth? Also, one professional restorer said parts are hard to get for the 160's which were made in France. Is that true?
I have never had experience with this tractor, but if you don't have the book... Swinford's book shows 69 to 73 to be the only years they were imported. There is no serial list, but he says the lettered series was 69-71, and the numbered 72 and 73. That might get you closer to a year.

I looked at what people have put in the registry and the data looks sketchy, but where there is a correlation, it would suggest you have a 1969 based on what they stated their tractor years were.

The Perkins engine number didn't include the manufacture year until 1974 unfortunately. If you can post the engine number, I might be able to get you within a year of tractor manufacture. If it matches to 69, it's a reasonable guess that it is.

Parts are very common for the Perkins 3.152 engine. Variants were used by Ford (Super Dexta), MF (numerous models) and several forklift manufacturers.

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