ac 7000 hydraulic problems

We recently purchased an AC 7000 tractor with a new loader and have been using it to load bales. It was working fine yesterday and then this morning when i went to raise the bucket it lifted up about 1/8th of the way and then started jerking like it was low on fluid. I checked the fluid using the dipstick on top of the back of the transmission. It was slightly low so i topped it off and tried again but it still does the same thing. Is there another resevoir for hydraulic fluid or does it just use fluid from the transmission? I was just wondering if anyone had experience with this.

The fill for the hydraulic fluid for the remotes is located behind the batteries on the right side under the cab. The batteries swing out on a hinge. There should be two sight glasses. Add fluid until the level is between the two glasses. Hope this helps.


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