AC-B Decal Locations


I know this topic has been addressed before, but here it comes again! I'm finishing a 1947 AC-B and have a couple of decals remaining in the Maples decal package
that I would like advice regarding location.

- WARNING Before dismounting shift transmission into neutral, disengage PTO
- Remove cover to grease clutch shifter
- ALLIS-CHALMERS Repair Parts Oil Filter Element 800912 (decal about 3 square, not sure if this decal was actually used or not)
- B & BI VA2252 (this may just be the decal set part number)
Allis Chalmers did not make model symbol decals until June of 1951. So your '47 B came without them. I will quote from my Allis Chalmers book written by Guy Fay and Andy Kraushaar: ''Allis used a variety of decals over the years that changed from time to time. Generally, decal placement wasn't as rigidly specified as with some other companies , although in some cases, placement was specified within a fraction of an inch. Unfortunately, there are some suppliers to the antique tractor hobby that are making some flagrantly inaccurate decal sets. They are advertised as historically correct or aesthetically correct. Some of these sets look nothing like anything Allis ever used.'' I count 12 decals that your tractor would have had when new.
My set of decals did include a pair of model B decals, but I knew they were not on the original tractor so I discarded them. All the remaining decals have been located except for the four listed in my original posting ... and I think the last two may not be valid decals. If you can offer any help on locating the two at the top of my list it would be appreciated.
For the engine oil filter I only show one decal listed (no picture) and that is described as: 1 decal, oil filter can 224973. ''Decal 224973 was drawn June 20, 1950. The final version of the decal, placed on the oil filter can, read 'Change filter every 100 hours, Allis Chalmers., US Patent No. 2287982'' ''Printed in USA'' was added October 17, 1950. ''The height of the decal was reduced to 1 1/8 inches from 1 7/16 inches on April 18, 1952. The same date the decal was widened and the instruction data was changed to the final text. On January 29, 1957 , patent numbers 2078525 and 2179784 were removed. This decal had black lettering on a transparent background with a black border located 1/16 inch in from the edge of the decal.'' Whew! that was a lot of talk for a filter that would be constantly changed during the life of the tractor.
For a while you'd be getting a filter with a different decal on it every time you changed the oil. I don't see those other two decals listed but I'll keep looking. This book has about 20 pages devoted to decals and they're not listed by model but they just ramble on and on and talk about them.

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