AC motor grader axle question

JF in MI

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Hello all. I have this 1950 (give or take a year) Allis Chalmers model D motor grader with 3 of the 4 axle seals leaking. To replace the seals is it a simple matter of removing
the nut and pulling the hub or is it an involved project? Any advice would be appreciated.


Yes, that hub has to come off. Those two tapped holes on either side of the axle nut are for doing just that- all you need is a THICK steel bar with matching holes an a couple of grade 8 bolts. It aint gonna be easy because the axle stub is a tapered shaft and those hubs have probably been on there for 50+ years, but maybe some of that leaking gear lube has crept in through the backside and thatll help.

Stand clear of the hub while you crank those bolts in! Sometimes they are so happy to be separated from the stub that they will try to jump a few feet into your arms, just like a 150lbs. puppy. A little heat and a little precision hammering (on the hub only!) may be necessary.

You might want to wait and tackle it on a rainy day so nobody can see your tears (of rage, frustration, and finally- joy)!

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