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I had to jump my 2013 GMC Sierra to start it this morning. I guess I'll start looking around for a new battery. I can't complain, nine years of reliable service ain't bad. The problem is, I haven't bought a battery in fifteen years, so I'm not familiar with the options. Walmart has its Everstart Platinum AGM Group 6 760 CCA 48 month battery for $169.84 which doesn't sound too bad. They show a lead-acid 4-year battery for $149 but it is out-of-stock. Is AGM reliable, and is group 6 right for this pickup?

My 2018 XT5 Cadillac said to replace the battery with OEM AGM. Nothing else. The engine shuts off at stop light and AGM only!!!
Also read the dealer needs to reprogram for a new battery. That sounds crazy.. Just what I read...
O'reilly's describes this model as Difficult to Install. I wonder if they are giving a warning to their employees or to prospective buyers.

Many cars have the auto stop/start feature.
You can rest assured the starter and battery will cost a pant load..
I can't see how the stop/start will save that much gas.
I try not to stop the car. Let it roll at a slow speed and the engine keep running.
In my shop experience, flat plate AGM batteries have a very short life, usually around 3-4 years. Spiral cell AGM (Optima) last, had one of those that was 14 years old when I sold the car.
Agm doesn't impress me. Regular lead acid I could get 5 or 6 years on a motorcycle with no maintainer on it. Agm in my bike and 4 wheeler are only 3 yrs old and neither will hold a charge even with one. Agm is all I can find for the bike, 1200 Sportster. Polaris will get the old lead acid in a week or so. Read on my wife's new bronco that the auto shut off could save $25-30 per year. At what cost? A $300 starter and a $200 battery? 4 cyl turbo manual trans. She just pushes the button to turn it off when she gets in. She has only driven it 4 times since we picked it up last Wednesday.
Ive (past tractor dealer and 50 year RV owner) owned a ton of wet flooded lead acid as well as AGM and in the RV I much prefer AGM and have had better luck and got longer life using them. I like NOT having to check add or mess with adding water yayyyyyyyyy and mine charged a bit faster. However sure old style wet flooded lead acid are fine also TO EACH THEIR OWN CHOICE OF BATTERIES that has been MY experience with AGM Im sure as expected others had different experiences.

John T

I don't see a reason to put a AGM battery in a pick up that old. If the battery were under the seat and you had Geo's money YES.
I would put a ACDelco in it are a battery the had a 4 year free replacement warranty.

This day and time you have to research what the manufacture recommends if its AGM it gets AGM...
If I lived in a cooler climate, where lead acid batteries lasted 9 years, I think I would just stick with a lead acid battery.

Down here in the heat, the AGM's have proven to last much longer. Typical life of a lead acid is only about 2-3 years, or that has been my experience.

When you go battery shopping, if they are out of the size it calls for, or you can get a better price, a group 24 will fit just as well. They are usually a few dollars cheaper.
The battery that I'm replacing is the AC/Delco that came in it. Maybe it would be worth it to pay the price if there is a chance
the new one would last as long as the old one. And I'll buy a lottery ticket while I'm out.

Our Ford Escape had to be re-programmed. After4 years, I was listening to the radio while wife was at Dr. and after 15 minutes, I got a message 'turning off to save battery' Within a couple months, it was shutting off after 3 minutes. Ford wanted $100.00 PLUS installation. Bought the identical batter at Sam's for $110.00, no installation. Put it in and after ten minutes I got that message of shutting off to save battery. Turns out, the computer 'remembers' the old battery and unless it's re-programmed, it treats the new one as if it's never been replaced. Got online and there's a process that involves several procedures that seem unrelated but it does reset the computer without paying Ford for an hour's work. Thing is, you'll damage your new battery if you don't get it re-programmed as it won't get fully charged.
I have batteries for power at nite in my solar system. For some reason, the batteries never need water anymore like the old batteries did. The biggest problem I have is keeping the battery posts clean!

Can't argue with success. Replace the battery with what you have. By the way, AGM battery charging is not the same as lead acid battery charging.

The saving on that figures out to about $.08 per day.

I'd tell you what I think of the auto shut off, but it wouldn't get past the filters.

Then, as the car gets older, will it still start reliably at a stop light? Or will it leave you stranded? And, what if the battery isn't quite up to snuff? Will it stop the engine at a stoplight and not have enough juice to restart it?

Wow, that one was sure thought out well by the engineers. All to save 8 cents a day.

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