Allis 6V negative or positive ground?


New User
I purchases an Allis B with 6V battery and what I think is an original generator, starter, and magneto. But the negative battery terminal is definitely connected to the frame. Everything works ok, the ammeter shows negative current when the lights are on. Did some component have to be changed to work with negative ground or do these older components work in either case (positive or negative ground)?
Well when new it would have been + ground. Some systems will work either way and some will burn things out if hooked up wrong. The one that will work either way its a matter of polarizing the generator system
Hobby farm
As old said.. most gennies and vr's can be polarized to work either way.

since you said you have a maggie.. I would't worry about it either way... if it's not broke.. don't fix it.. etc. Sounds like it charges and the ammeter reads right.. and the ignition don't care anyways...


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