Allis CA jumping out of 2nd 3rd gear

Dave Yonke

New User
I have a allis ca and it jumps out of 2nd and 3rd gear. any ideas how to fix this problem?
The detents in the shifter look ok.
Dave, I had a CA in the mid 90's that jumped out of third gear. Upon tearing the transmission apart, the knobs and collars were worn but not nearly enough to cause gear jumping. I bought a used shifter from another tractor. The new shifter pushed the gears farther in than my old one and I was able to have third again. The problem is the detents in the shaft are too close together and don't completely engage the gears. They can be made to work with a new shaft with the detents located in the right place. To do this, you will need a milling machine with a carbide ball end mill of the correct size and the milling machine needs to be accurate to position the detent holes in the correct place. Carbide is necessary because the shaft should be hardened steel and standard end mills will not cut the hardened shaft. Since most people don't have access to these tools, the only option is to get a known good used shifter and replace the one that you have. If you can't get a known good one, it is trial and error.
Ours did this and I found the shift forks were wore down enough that they were not puting it all the way in to gear and it would fall out after goung down a hill not fun I welded the forks up filed them back down and put a new gasket in there and have not had any problems that was 4 or 5 years ago but we just use it on the belly mower

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