Anyone seen an International 540 3 bottom semi mount plo

I was making a delivery on a backroad early this week, and saw this gem in a fence row. I plan on going back when I get time to see who owns the field and try to buy it. I think it would look great behind my 686. Or even a 544 if I could find a diesel for the collection.
I think that would be a 535. The series was 3 bottom 535, 4 bottom was 540, 5 bottom was a 550 and then the 560 for a 6 bottom. Pretty sure that's the way it worked. Anyway, that's is a nice find, not very many around and I don't think I ever saw one.
Yep i made a lot of them back when i was jockeying ag Iron . I H's plows were easy to cut down and make a three bottom steerable and ya had pieces and parts to fix other plows with when done right they plow like they should. Ya can take a six bottom and make it A three with ease . They were Cheap , they were all over the place at every sale . Nobody wanted a six bottom but you buy it do your thing to it and haul it to another sale as a three or four bottom it was a fast way to make three or four hundred bucks over what ya had in the six bottom .The three bottom was great for the guys that wanted a steerable for there 40-50 Hp. tractor . The down side of the 540-560 plow is They plug up big time in heavy trash , yetter dished coulters help stop that
Why i pulled a 4 bottom 540 with my 450 D and it played with them . heavy sod in our hills it was second high side in corn ground third high
There should be a good supply of three bottom 540-60's out there with as many three of us bouth made into three bottoms and shipped , even on my 28 foot gooseneck i could bring back four sets at a time plus two I H wheel disc's and what ever else i could stack on per load . Did that for over 20 years. My one friend would load up to ten plows per load on his semi . he had a larger check book .
When you cut the bigger plows down did you do anything with the hitch or just move the tail wheel up and reattach it to the last bottom that you wanted to use?
We have a 450 with 60 hp. Three sets of wheel weights and fluid. When we drop a 4 bottom plow into the ground, it stops. You must very easy ground. 3-14 makes our 400 with 57 hp work very hard in sod ground. Usually had to take one hood off to keep it cool

Yup, most of my ground is pretty light. I have a 3-16 fast hi t plow that works well but I would like a semi mount for the dead furrows.
Ours is a mix from yellow clay with a iceing of top soil to sandy loam. Now as to what our 450 had was loaded tires and five 150's on the land side and four on the furrow , as for power depending on how far i had the screw backed out ya want 6 inches of fire out the pipe or a foot with lots of air pollution , on a still day ya could count the rounds made by the black smoke in the air . my one friend and i had 450 D's and both of us had 540 4x14's with a five furrow harrow mounted that we used when plowing corn ground , this save us from disking the whole field we only had to hit the dead furrow and headlands. What i can tell ya is that our 450's had more then the neighbors 560 D , we beat him at every pull.
We ran either a 710 or a 720 6 bottom plow behind the 1466 (bought new with the tractor) in 1973 - so whatever was new then. Later we bought another one that was pulled with a 1206 but that thing was turned up quite a bit and later pulled with a 1566. By the time the 1486 was purchased the plows were only being used to clean up terraces. Dad's feeling was if you were going to plow - you plowed deep 7 to 9 inches. If you were just going to scratch around on the surface hit with a disk and forget about it.

I remember we bought a farm from an old farmer back in the early 70s and he told my dad the best corn he ever raised on the property was 70 bushel an acre (yeah - that was a long time ago). First year Dad owned it the place was plowed with the 1466 and 1206 and that ground broke HARD. Lots of wheel stands going through the field. The guy had been scratching around on the top 4-5 inches for the last 50 years with a couple Hs and Ms. First year the place raised a little over 100 bushel corn with 40 rows.
(quoted from post at 15:33:09 12/04/23) Assuming your 550 is a 5 16's in reasonable shape, i'd like to have it and you can have my 540 3 16's, Hudsonville, mi
Text me at 98955one5740 I may not be able to respond until tomorrow.

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