Auto rims on A.C.??


Fellas, On a wd45 i recently bought the front rims are an auto/truck rim and was wonderin what rims these are as one of em is bent and will need replaced. I measured the hole centers on the wheel studs an they are 3 inch like a chevy, BUT the center hole is larger than my chevy rims i measured which have only 3 inch center hole. I think the rims on the front of tractor were maybe 3 1/4 inch center hole. figured someone out there would know as I have seen alot of the auto rims on the front of these ol gals before. Thanks for any help. Hoss
Might be a rim from a 4X4 truck as they would have the bigger center. Or it could be some from a trailer which again have the bigger centers
Hobby farm
I have early 50's Buick 15" wheels on some of my tractors. They are a perfect fit for my D17, WD, Case SC, MH 101, it may be easyer to get the right wheels than Buicks.
The B and C tractor would have hubs with 4 1/2 5 hole bolt circle. That would be Ford and Dodge small pattern. Early Fords had a small center hole. later had the larger like Dodge. Chevy used a 4 3/4 bolt circle. Buick wer 5 in bolt circle.
Late model Ford apace saver spares - Crown Vic, Ranger. Mine had Ranger aluminum wheels for a while - look weird without the center caps.

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