Babco Backhoe 13MD on Ford 5600


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Ok, I bought a Babco 13MD 3-point hitch backhoe attachment and would like to use it on the back of my Ford 5600 that has a front end loader attached. My question is should I look for or build a subframe for the rear or will it be ok for occasional use? I certainly don't want to break the tractor in half. Does anyone have any pictures of something like that?
i think you have a Bradco backhoe and it might be for a skid steer if it is they are heavy so build a sub frame the 3 point hitch will work be it will be iffy them hoes have a lot of power be safe not sorry Happy digging
Id agree that you have an 13MD( 13 medium duty), My guess youre looking at a little over 2,000+ lbs, almost all bradcos were mounted on skid steers, some were sub-frame mounted to smaller industrial tractors. This will beat your 3pt hitch to death, I have the 11HD sub+frame mounted on my Ford 345 industrial, it is a heavy, heavy unit and will snatch the tractor around. B7ild a frame to your loader and rear axles instead of beating up the lift cover and arms! If you post a picture of the mounting frame we can ID what mount you have.
Subframe, and occasional use are mutually exclusive unless you can come up with a clever design.

You might get some ideas by going to youtube and searching for "backhoe removal" and/or "removing backhoe." No measurements, but at least some ideas.

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