Belarus 25A1

Hi All. Neighbor has this Belarus 25A1 tractor. Has anyone here ever had to literally hold clutch pedal up for it to stay in gear? Tractor goes into a few of the higher gears no problem and lots of power and torque to rear wheels yet in 1st gear he has to hold clutch up for wheels to stay moving. Tires will attempt to turn a bit then he pulls up clutch pedal and tractor moves ahead yet he doesn’t want to use it in 1st that way incase he damages something. I’ve looked at the linkage and through inspection hole on left side of bell housing and everything looks right and working properly. He didn’t have battery in it today because I wanted to observe if clutch and linkage is wanting to push on throwout bearing and maybe clutch is slipping when running (with rear wheels jacked up). Yet if clutch was disengaging or slipping slightly in 1st why does it work great in higher gears?! Maybe transmission is not shifting fully into 1st gear. We have an operators manual for this model 25A1 and service manual for model 250 which has different transmission shift pattern configuration. I included shift pattern photo of this 25A1. I can’t find any clutch or transmission troubleshooting info. Hopefully someone here has had similar problem and can assist me? Thank you in advance.


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Interesting: can you give a better description of "holding up the clutch pedal" is the pedal falling forward as if it was being used normally? and then has to be pulled up?is it in the normal up engaged position, in first gear, and then he has to pull it up?
when being pulled up how far/much does it move
Does this pedal feature still need to be pulled up? once its pulled up and the tractor is now moving?
best i got....
I’m thinking clutch pedal and linkage was weighing against clutch pressure plate fingers just enough to release pressure plate for clutch to slip in first gear. Yesterday I told neighbour to use bungie cord to hold clutch pedal up and throwout bearing off fingers. This set up
Has two big fingers. He later told me tractor would not slip in first gear with bungie cord holding up clutch pedal. Maybe the correct service manual would show a spring on linkage that is missing. Possibly the one spring that retracts linkage that joins to clutch pedal is weak and not retracting pedal to most upright position. I told him he can buy correct service manual on ebay for $150 total approximately yet he only spends money if he is desperate for answers. A local mechanic here is a belarus pro yet his hourly charge to come see tractor may be $200 minimum. My neighbour is very wealthy yet frugal.
Your thinking sounds correct, as the lower gears are more torque to the wheels as the higher gears give more speed, that's why i was asking for more info on the "pull up the pedal", hopefully you can get a inspection plate off either top or bottom to see the linkage operation, or pieces of what was there? could look at the fact he has pumped you for info/help at no charge.. and for my time or others that have read this, i don't exactly mind a lot trying to get things working on here, if i sounded a bit touchy.. I myself only look/touch machines that are in my yard, as my time allows...and everyone knows that time is never long enough..:):)
I hope he he is not to "frugal" to say a TKS for your assistance.
keep your stick on the ice.
Could be transmission interlock adjustment. If that's not adjusted correctly, it will not let the clutch pedal fully engage.

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