case 224 Engine difficulty no start

we have an Ingersoll Rand [case 224] with a Kholer 14 hp., engine.
Here is the difficulty>> >>keep in mind even added jumper cables from the car battery with the car running << When attempting to start the Kholer 14 hp., the starter generator would only turn the flywheel till compression was reached. ( drive Belt snug)[ even put the jumper cables directly on the starter large lug, the same thing happened].
Took plug out engine turns over freely, tested for compression [thumb method] >>starter motor stalled again on compression stroke<<.

Up to this point in time the >>last time started the engine 2 weeks ago started easily ran well<<.

Yesterday as I went to started the engine, it would start on choke, and run for about for about a minute and stop. then restart after several turns and run for a minute then stop. Repeatedly. Today the above difficulty took place.

I am stumped run, out of ideas and thoughts as to where to look and what to do.
Thank you for any thoughts and ideas as to where and what to do.
Wm. from Ontario Canada.
It seems the ACR (Automatic Compression Release) isn't working.

As to the starting and stalling, that sounds lack a restriction in the gasoline supply, also check for spark immediately after it ''dies'' to rule out loss of spark.

Above is a link to the Service Manual at the official Kohler site, in .pdf format.

You can download it and save it, or print sections of interest.

The ACR is covered on .pdf Page 95.
Thank you copied out info.
Will need to go over section on compression release and adjust.
Thank you again for information that I didn't have.
Wire a test lite from the + side of the coil to ground to see if yer losing the 12 volts while its stalling. If it stays on could be a fuel delivery issue instead, or bad coil and/or condenser. If it goes out, check the ignition circuit for bad connections or switch.
I had a S/G that went bad like that, and I had to have it rebuilt. BTW, they dont like to be cranked continuously for very long. Hows all yer wire connections?
Well Found the exhaust valve was out of adjustment reset it to .018
then found that the adjustment of the ACR was not in the range of .031 to .041 so reset it to.038.
Went to start; finding that the starter motor not turning over the engine fast enough.
Took the starter motor apart cleaned up corrosion on rotor main part.
Even using a second battery direct to the starter motor. still turning too slow.
My figuring the starter motor is shot.

Any other ideas or thoughts.

Thank you for all your help.

I just rebuilt a 10 hp K241. The starter/generator cranks it slow, but it always starts.

Do you have an in-line spark tester that you can connect between the plug and the plug wire? That would give you some indication if whether your start/stall problem is ignition or fuel. (Apparently you can leave those on there indefinately. I left two on a customer's mower and he brought them back to me over a week later. He found them when he was doing maintenance on the machine.) If the light is still blinking when it cuts off, your problem is fuel.

Another thing that sometimes causes trouble is that little metal clip below the camshaft gear cover that the wire to the points is clipped in. I have seen two K series engines where they had a pinhole in the wire insulation and were shorting in that clip. Now, if there is any doubt, I just replace that wire.
1- Fuel tank has a small screen in it. Remove first
2- Float might be sticking thanks to the rotten foreign gas or plastic parts in carb. I use a bit of Type A transmission fluid in gas, yes Type A
3- Check adjustment screws oring,as mine was allowing with vibration it to open or close
4- I like to use premium gas

I'm not a mechanic, but I have over 10 Case's garden tractor. I had one that I thought I would have to throw a match too, is running like a champ now.
Fuel supply was also my thought before the ACR acted up and now the starter generator needs attention so I will also check the fuel supply thank you.

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