Case 600 Bosch NSB6A


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Trying to get our tractor started after
sitting in the barn for 9 years. Ran when
parked. New fuel and fuel filters and bled.
Should the transfer pump on the side of
injector pump run diesel out when cranking?
Couldn't get it to start, so I unhooked the
fuel line out of the pump and nothing was
coming out when cranking. Governor rod was
clean and moving. Thanks
Thank you for the reply. It did run for about 3 minutes. Then it started to run away. I pulled compression release to kill motor. Seemed like a fluke deal. Afterwards I checked transfer pump while cranking still nothing coming out
Keck welcome to YT! He is a pump repairman, lives in Indiana. A lot of guys on here ship him pumps to rebuild. He does good work and has reasonable prices. His email button is down there at the bottom, you have to be logged in to see it.
Sheer key pin broke on transfer pump. Square head sheer pin. Any idea where to get another? Thanks again

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