Cleaning Brass Fuel fitting


Greetings, I have a brass fuel tank fitting with a standpipe and fitting area that is plugged almost solid with rust and trash from the tank it came out of.
Should I soak it in white vinegar for a week and then get at it with a fine pick?
How should I get it cleared out and clean, without damaging this NLA fitting?
Thank you for your time and knowledge
‘62 Ford 4000D if that is needed for further consideration
No screens, two standpipes, one inside of the other
I have to travel this week so a little extra time in vinegar is fine by me as long as it’s not eating away at the brass fitting
Don’t think it’s sludge, just what it collected from the bottom of the diesel tank.
This is an example of the exact fitting I’m working on, the female opening to the fitting shown is completely blocked on mine
Thank you for the thoughts!
There was a very extensive thread about this on the Ford forum last week. I agree with rustred. I don't know about what is or is not sludge. Most of us find sludge in a fuel tank to be somewhat common.
Good call on the screen, thinking about doing that. She cleaned up nicely in the vinegar followed by brake clean. Was going to try the E85 next but I have good flow and she’s clean. Thanks to all for your replies

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