Cletrac oil filter missing ????

Jim In NY

Happy 4th YTers: any one know what years Cletrac did not use a oil filter ? I am interested in buying a hg42 and there isn't an oil filter on it and the owner does not know the hg42 year?
I think all those Hercules engines (IXA, IXK, IXB) were equipped with an oil filter if originally installed in a Cletrac or Oliver crawler, but if you have a replacement engine (very common) out of something else that wasnt destined for severe duty, it may not have had a filter installed.

If your engine doesnt have a filter, its easy to retrofit- the internal plumbing is there and the eternal ports that would route oil into the bolt-on filter base are blocked off by grub screws. Youll just need to find a donor engine with a filter assembly, or get ahold of Landis Zimmerman, or Hercano Propulsion.

Be aware that the Hercules oiling system on these engines is not a full flow design so that filter cleans a very small amount of oil per hour of operation. You can really get along just fine without it if you change your oil on a schedule based on how its used.

Hopefully the engine you have doesnt smoke excessively or knock too loud. Those Hercules parts can be expensive!
HG parts
Thanks answered the needed question. If I purchase this crawler I'll just change the oil in sensible periods. Looking forward

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