Cutout Relay vs. Voltage Regulator


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Group, I am the proud owner of my grandfather's 1949 8n tractor. We received it in bad shape, so we did our best to put it back to how it used to be. It has been converted to a 12 volt, but everything was shot, so we removed all the wiring and electrical and put it back to a 6volt. I picked up a used generator from an online source (is an original Ford part, claims to have come off a 49 8n). It is a three wire, three brush generator with a high/low screw on it. I had it rebuilt, bought a new voltage regulator, a new resistor block, and all new wiring. In a previous post made, I indicated we were not getting any charge to the battery. We took the generator and voltage regulator back to the shop that rebuilt it to check it over. He had to resolder some wires, but then told me that he could not get it to charge using any of his voltage regulators he had in his shop. But he could get it to provide a consistent charge going through a cutout regulator. After reading several posts, it seems like the general consensus is a voltage regulator is a better and more consistent charging solution, but I curious why this generator would not work while going through one but will would going through a cut out?
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I would say that he probably did not have a good/proper regulator for that generator. Field contacts carry only a small current and sitting for extended periods of time they oxidize and won't make contact unless cleaned.

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