Cylinder issues.


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Hello all.. I have an 8N that I bought recently. It sat for a few years from what I'm told.. but I replaced the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points,condenser, filters head gasket, carburetor, ignition switch, pushbutton, and left front valve cap.. had to put a little oil down in the cylinders but all 4 are hitting right at 100-105 lbs compression.. having said allat.. it spits back through the carburetor when I put it under much of a load.. and for some reason it almost refuses to go in reverse without dying.. flat ground is okay. And I can pull dirt with a box blade if it's not to much.. but any grade elevation and it pops badly.. if changed the governor, and I have fire to all the plugs.. but I can pull #1 and #4 wires off the cap, and it doesn't change the rpms at all... 2 and 3 wires will shut it down if I pull either of those... so my problem has gone above my pay grade.. any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated...
Are u sure the firing order is correct , as u may have 2 wires mixed up. Also if it’s not firing on those 2 have u Tryed switching 1and 4 around.
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From front to back 1243 is how I have it ran.. and I have not thought about switching 1 and 4.. that's a good idea.. I'll try that.. thank you for the feedback....
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Rustred, your input was dead on! You have no idea how much I have racked my brain.. more than I care to admit to for sure.. I switched the wires and it is running like a champ... it's my first one and I was seriously wanting to get it working and looking great! Again, I appreciate your response!!
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