D15/H3 hour meter parts


New User
Anyone know where I can find some internal parts for the tach/hour meter on an H-3?

My hour meter stopped registering last weekend. So I dis-assembled it and found that one tooth on the small gear of the first digit wheel had worn clean through, at the position where it flips the next digit (it's driven by a very thin, flat steel gear that looks more like a saw-blade than a gear). I made a mold of the remaining good part of the gear and re-cast the bad part of the gear using JB Weld. That worked successfully, but somehow I managed to lose 2 of the 6 tiny little pot metal cams that go between and increment each of the digit wheels.

Anyone know where I might find some of these, or possibly a junked tach/hour meter that I could part out? I believe the internmal components from a D15 tach/hour meter would be the same.

Oakland Twp., MI

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