JD 2940 tach/hour meter suddenly stopped working


My neighbor was doing a little work on my JD 2940, which included putting some new screws in the console cowling that was loose. When I went to pick up the tractor, I noticed the tach/hour meter wasn't
working. He pulled the panel off that includes the tach/hour meter. The tach/hour meter is one of the round ones and its located on the top right of the console. This is a digital unit that does not have the
traditional speedometer cable, just wires going to several plugs in the plastic panel that contains the tach/hour meter and several other switches. This is a Soundgard cab style tractor, which has a different
console setup. We noticed after removing the plastic panel that one of wires was hanging loose, its a black wire. There is also a spot on the back of one of the plugs that appears to be a broken off wire but its so
short we can't tell what color it is. He said that he had to take the panel out that contains the tach/hour meter to put the screws into the cowling. I'm wondering if perhaps that hanging wire broke during that
process? What I'm wondering if anyone has a schematic for the wiring for the tach/hour meter that could be posted here so that I could trace the different colored wires to determine if that hanging wire is the
reason the tach/hour meter suddenly stopped working? Since it worked prior to his removal I don't know what else it could be at this point, but perhaps someone has some ideas. I appreciate any help that can be

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