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Will a ’51 WD pull a 10' tandem disc easily or should I look for a 8' disc. I've found several 10' disc close by but 8' is harder to find.
I have an 10 ft tandem krause with a 53 WD. You will be able to pull it with some difficulty. My gangs are adjustable on my disk so I adjust the cut on the fronts to start out, but once over the field it can be adjusted to a more agressive cut. It will pull it most of the way down, you might have some difficulty in soil if it gets really loose too. I recently got a WD 45 and it will pull it all the way down with no problem. So go with it if you want, might not be able to set it all the way down though.
I pull a ten foot A/C disk with a WD and a WD45. The 45 will pull it a gear faster but I don't have any problem pulling it with the WD.

You will be very happy if you put duals on...!
Wheel slippage is a problem in loose ground.

A 10' disc will cover the full width of the duals.
I liked to leave the left dual on when plowing.

The cam-latch type duals go on pretty easily too..

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