Farmall M Fuel Flow

I'm not a fan of in-line filters 'because' that I don't think they work. I'm not a fan because I don't think they are needed. In all honesty, the glass bowl to catch the bigger particles is all that is needed. It itself, catches some pretty small particles. Fine sand, rust particles, etc. I've cleaned the tiniest of stuff out of the bowl when getting rid of the build up.
It's not like we are talking about something with fuel injection here. System is much simpler than that.

My beef about adding something that is just not needed is, it's just more headaches in the troubleshooting department when you do have problems. You add an in-line filter, and that's going to be the first thing you check when your tractor quits running (problem there or not). Reason you'll check it first, is only because it's the easiest to check first. If it wasn't there (and really don't need to be), you wouldn't have to check it at all in the beginning each and every time you have a problem. And that is where your just adding grief with no benefit.
You are SO exaggerating the amount of work it takes to look at this Mr. GASKET FILTER and see if there's dirt, sand or dead bugs in the filter, you can see that stuff from TEN FEET away, and if there is you turn the gas off, twist the ends of the filter to unscrew, dump the small volume of gas and rinse the nylon filter sleeve off with clean gas, may need to gently brush the sleeve with a soft tooth brush, then reassemble and turn the gas back on. I've cleaned the filter on my Cub Cadet once due to water, haven't cleaned my Super H yet in all these years. But I am really fussy how I care for my gas cans and where I buy gas. I rebuilt a 10 hp Kohler in a Cub Cadet, rewired it, and repainted it, it looked like 1965 all over again, and gave it to SON. HE wasn't near fussy enough where he bought gas, and I just put the small cheap plastic cone shaped filter on the engine. In about a month the gas inlet on the Carter carb was plugged solid with what looked like sand, the gas had to make a hard 90 degree bend before the main fuel float valve and plugged up solid. I rebuilt the carb again, put a better in-line filter on and told son to buy better gas. I have that tractor now. I haven't run any of the three Cub Cadet tractors I have since April 21, 2016 when I got my new Cub Cadet zero turn mower, 54 deck 27 hp Kawasaki V-twin engine. Has just a bit over 300 hours on the clock with only an oil & filter change every year, one new set of blades and I pulled all the tin work off the engine a time or two to make sure it cools well. It has a tiny cone shaped plastic gas filter as original equipment.

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