FC and FCA cultivator differences

Scott 730

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Looking to get a manual for my Case (Glencoe) field cultivator. Looking at manuals online I can't see the difference in the few pictures that are in the listings. So,,, how do I tell which model I have? Is there a visual difference somewhere ?
Early ones didn't have the pipe in the shank spring and would bounce...later ones had a pipe. Don't know if that is what you are
looking for as far as difference.
Just curious as to what the differences were that they each have their own operators manual. I can see no difference by just looking at the snippets of pictures of manuals for sale on Evilbay. And how would I know if mine is an FC or an FCA?

With the help of Messick's online parts catalogs I found that I have an FCA.

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The pipe in the spring, and the FCA has a 2 position adjustment where the clevis at the bottom of the spring attaches to the cast bracket.

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