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I just purchased a ferguson tractor with loader,it seems to be stuck in posi traction,when clutch is engaged it seems to just grab and both wheels spin at the same time, when I push the brake pedal all the pedals move together. Can't press just one wheel or the other.trying to figure out how to attach a photo. [/img]

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I'm not quite sure what you've got there. TEA-20? If it is the main brake pedal is one piece and operates both brakes. If you want individual braking there is a separate lever toward the wheel and back a bit on both sides. I'm not sure if a locked or limited slip axle was an option on those.
The separate levers for each wheel seems to be locked
together, when I press one side they both move.when I
press the main brake pedal they all move together.

Interesting. That's not how they should work of course. Somebody must have gone to a lot of trouble to do make it work that way and probably made it difficult to change it back to the original. When I step on my TE-20 main brake the individual brake levers rise. Just the opposite of how you would think. But when I push down on the individual levers it applies the brake to that side only.
I was wondering if there is a clutch issue, the clutch
doesn't engage until it is right to the top then it just
jumps forward and both back wheels spin together.
I,ve only owned it for 2 days and it's been pouring rain
here the last 2 days, so haven't had time to do much with
it. Only drove it off the float and parked it hopefully
tomorrow I can monkey around with it. The guy I bought
it from said he has owned it for 5 years and probably
hasn't put 30hrs on it and it's been sitting outside all

When the weather is better check the clutch free play. I'm not sure what it should be but my TE-20 says around 3/16 inch. It isn't too difficult to adjust. I haven't found Ferguson clutches to be the smoothest engaging but maybe it will improve with use.
Jack up both rear wheels. Trans in neutral. Rotate one wheel forward, the other side should go backwards at the
same rate. No? Axles are in contact inside the rear diff. Add spacers between the axle flange and the backing
plate. This will increase the distance between axles and should get the needed free play for proper operation.
So finally got around to looking at this tractor, when I jack up and turn the wheel only one turns.same on both sides.i tried adjusting the brakes and it didn't make any difference. A couple times when turning the right wheel backwards the opposite wheel moved a wee but not much. If I put it in gear and turn the wheel, they spin in opposite directions.any suggestions are appreciated. Perhaps the axle shims are wore out?

When you jack both rear wheels off the ground and turn one wheel one direction, with the transmission in gear, the other wheel will turn the opposite direction. Your differential is working properly. If it was locked up both would turn in the same direction. With the transmission in neutral the opposite wheel may or may not turn as the force from the wheel you are turning may turn the transmission instead of the other wheel.

Your earlier descriptions sound like you need to adjust the clutch and free up the brake levers and pedal so those are working as they should, and see how it acts then, before diving deep into it.

If the traction is equal on the tires and the clutch slams on it would not be unusual for both to spin. If one is on hard pack or pavement and the other on loose soft footing does the one on soft ground spin more?

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