Fordson Industrial Engine Swap


We were going to swap an industrial diesel into an old Fordson ('53). We ran into trouble with
fitting the old oil pan to the later block. It bumps the larger oil pump apparatus. Did the later
tractors use a deeper oil pan? Until we can find the deeper oil pan, we plan to modify the sump to
get more room. We did find the correct pump pickup tube to reach the rear sump. Earlier engines
did not use the pressure relief valve in the pump, and apparently the oil pump had smaller capacity,
and needed to be enlarged at some point.
Hi cdmn,

Which engine are you fitting, a 510E four cylinder or a 2701, 2711 later industrial engines with the injection pump mounted on the back of the engine mounting plate? The sump from these is not a good fit for the Majors and the Major sump will not fit on any of these engines without a lot of modification. Most of the ones I have seen done have a frame for the front axle support mounted on the side channels or brought round the front onto the front tombstone and used the existing sump.

Other problems with the sump are that it does not match up to the lower part of the clutch housing. When I put a 590E Trader engine into a Super Major many years ago, I used MIL loader mounting frames to strengthen the side channels, made a blanking plate for the sump/clutch housing and reversed and shortened the axle support fitting it to a solid, machined pivot at the front.

I have a friend who took two Major sumps and cut and welded them to make a sump for a 590E engine but it was always leaking at the join because of the stress.

Just re-read your post, the sump remained the same all the way through the Major range apart from having the removable filter deleted after 1955. There were however differences to the pickup pipe.
No, nothing like installing a six-cylinder. The engine
is quite similar to this one, that I have in a different tractor.
In their original usage, they had a cast aluminum oil sump, but
appear to have similar engine blocks as the tractor application.
We thought it would be a simple installation, but found that
the old tractor oil pan was too shallow. Hope that helps.


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