found a WD45 for $600 but is it a good deal


I found a WD45 for 600 ,but it is missing the pto shaft, back carrier and drawbar. I guess it is repairable. but this is the first one seen and know little about them. are drawbar parts hard to find? what about the pto? Do all 45's have underslung pto's? The tractor hasn't been run in a few years,but the engine is freed up.[turns over]
You'll need several hundred dollars of parts. If it were running, $600 would be excellent. But not running, you don't know about the engine, clutches, transmission, hydraulics and rear end. When they are not running, price could be as low as $400 and you could still get stung if there are a lot of things wrong. Do you know why the PTO and drawbar were removed? Might give a clue as to value.
Rear Tires will cost you close to $500.00, If the tires are good, you have half the price of the tractor there. Is the tin good, rims good?
$600 for a non running WD or WD45 is to much. Now then is it a WD or a WD45 they look the same to most people and the WD45 is worth a tad bit more then the WD. A WD45 has a curve shifter and no side plate on the right side of the engine but a WD has a straight shifter and a bolt on side plate on the right side of the engine. If the tires are say 90% of better $450 to $500 is about right but if there poor $300 is about right for a non running tractor like the WD or WD45. Plus with those parts missing your looking at $300-400 just in parts to have PTO and a draw bar
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I just bought this tractor for $650. After throwing about $100 in parts at it I have a runner that seems pretty decent. The owner did tell me that the thing ran well before he parked it in the shed less than a year ago. In the mean time they had thrown some parts at it but couldn't solve the problem. The final piece that brought her to life was the consensor. It still needs a carb overhaul, but it runs well and everything works.
Bought a running WD for 550 a few years back.
But the exhaust manifold needed replacing.
The hyd pump was missing all the rollers so it wouldn't pump.
Tires were pretty cracked and weather beaten.
Needed a carb kit.
Needed a new fuel bowl assy.

100 for the manifold 20 for the gaskets.
125 for a used hyd pump.
got 1000 in the tires by the time I replaced one front 2 backs and their tubes and a back rim and had the co-op guy fill the back ones.
30 or so for the carb kit.
30 for the fuel bowl assy.

Still doesn't charge the battery and I'm looking at going to 12 volts if I do anything about that.

So a cheap tractor isn't always a deal when all is said and done.
Call me dumb, but I have bought 2 B's and a CA and have not heard any of them run before buying. I currently have 1 B and the CA running and am rebuilding the other B. I guess I am saying it just depends if you want the tractor.
Thanks, Tim.
If it has a wide front or good tires/rims or is less than 20 miles from your house its a pretty good deal. I've seen several PTO shafts with carriers sell for around $30 plus shipping on Ebay. Drawbars are a little more but are available. Those missing parts wouldn't be deal breakers for me, but at $5/gallon fuel - hauling distance would be.
Guys, I must live in the wrong part of the country. I see WD's selling for $1000.00 and up out here. I have to pay at least $150.00 more than scrap price just for parts tractors. If it is not stuck and only needing the parts described I think it would be a good deal. My nickels worth
(quoted from post at 20:55:00 06/09/08) Rear Tires will cost you close to $500.00, If the tires are good, you have half the price of the tractor there. Is the tin good, rims good?

Sorry Jim but with price of oil going up...... I just bought new tires for my WD45. Tires and tubes $720 and I put them on myself. A month before that I was quoted $650.

Floyd, overall you are better off buying a 1200 dollar tractor that runs and needs minimal work.
(quoted from post at 12:55:00 06/09/08) Rear Tires will cost you close to $500.00, If the tires are good, you have half the price of the tractor there. Is the tin good, rims good?

I have found retired combines are a great source for tires, my last set was $50 (with steel rims). They are not brand new, but usually have good tread as they only ran 2-3 months a year and sit in the shed the rest of the time. Rims are a biggie for A-C tractors though, if they are rusty (usually are thanks to fluid) they are expensive to buy new, and hard/expensive to find used... unless you are willing to stoop to using combine rims (which work but are not adjustable and not "correct") For a working tractor that you don't row crop with they work fine.

The lift, PTO and drawbar all but grow on trees around here. $400 would be a pretty good deal if you can get him down to it, it the rest of it was in good shape and it had good compression I would go $500.

You can spend $2000 for one that is all redone and find it is all buggered up inside too, just depends on how pretty you want the tractor to be when you are working on it.

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