Help Identify this 404 Clutch disc?


So I had to split a tractor that had a rear soft plug leaking...and I belive im working on a 404 Int.? Since someone previouslly removed the original metal serial plate on left side of bell housing and according to most guys here they believe it was originallly a highway mower It has no fast hitch,or 3 point but a pto....wide front and power steering I also I believe from what I see it had original industrial yellow paint ....
So when I split it I seen a different clutch dics that I have never seen before? It has 4 round pads on each side of clutch plate ? Not lot of disc left but Im not farming with it ...just going to put a loader on it for lifting things , and so Is this the type of clutch disc you got if you ordered a 404 for Non Farming use and if you ordered it for farm use and with fast hitch you got a Regular type dics? I really dont see how this has any use as the pads are so small in size? If I had a standard disc I would switch it ...this looks like another stupid idea from another 1950' graduaute from MIT who went to work at International ......So does anyone know the strry about this brain fart of an Idea ? And am I going to regret putting it back in the tractor ?

Button clutches are quite common. They are often ceramic, and wear well. They can be considered heavier duty. There are few drawbacks. They can wear the Flywheel and PP more than fiber driven discs, andthey can chatter more when new. If it has .050inch or more from the surface of the button to the rivet, i would rub it. Jim
As Jim said that is a button clutch, but IH actually referred to them under the coined name Dynalife. I will link the offerings YT has for replacement clutches for your tractor and you will see one is a button pad clutch. It has sort of rectangular pads though.
YT IH 404 clutch parts
I guess it all depends on how well you like to split tractors and how often you want to do it. I would change it and with a heavier more pads clutch. IF you put a loader on it you will want all the clutch you can get. Loaders are hard on clutches with the forward and reverse motion going on and the shifting. Stress from tires being spun some as you load harder products like dirt or digging dirt. I don't care who it is the tires will be spun some maybe not much but some.
It's a 404. You're going to get a choice of the "standard" clutch kit or the "standard" clutch kit. There isn't going to be six different clutch choices as you get with something like a 56 or 66 series. Probably even the same clutch kit as the Super C.
Yes, IH used to mail out new equipment buyers guides but the one I really liked was their Parts & Accessories catalog, and after the success with their Dynalife clutch disc's in new tractors IH offered them for older & smaller tractors. That's what you took out of your tractor, that one looks like it was REALLY abused, lots of loader duty. Might be worth looking for a clutch shop that can replace the friction pads on that clutch disc, IH advertised the Dyna-Life Clutches lasted TWICE as long as their prior Clutches. I used to order the transmission Clutches for IH's FARMALL PLANT, and they ALL came from Borg-Warner Rockford Clutch in Rockford, Ill. They advertised Cera-metallic pads on their Clutches, ceramic & metallic material. Looks like they may still be at 1200 Windsor Road, Rockford.

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