help set price to sell my tractor?


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Hello, Forum. Question: what is my tractor worth?

I have a 2001 Century 2023. Same product as Branson, same as Kukje (the Korean manufacturer).

4wd, 35hp 3-cylinder diesel, FEL, wood-splitter on 3-point, includes rake and blade. Maintenance records up-to-date. Have shop manual on both body and engine. Less than 200 hours on hobbs.

Works great: engine, hydraulics, fel, 3-point...all work perfectly. Very heavy...frame of FEL additional to tractor frame adds heft.

Quick disconnect on FEL. FEL will lift enough to tip tractor on its' nose. Bucket on FEL is rusty but has been used a lot.

Has rust on tire rims but body is fine.

Hate to sell it, but such is life. Somebody else can have some fun.

So what is it worth (all the attachments with the tractor, as is, where is)?


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Those 'off brand' often have a very low 'used' selling price.You have a few options. haul it to a consignment sale where you will most likely give it away. Advertize and sit on it till it sells,amd then for
a discounted price. Best bet,IMHO'set it on a century dealers lot on consignment. Let them price it.Good luck!
Do you have a local dealer that sells that brand, or the
current version of that brand? A good place to start is
to ask them. If they say they do not want it then you
have an issue. Also, if there is no local dealer that
sells and supports that product then you also will
have difficulty getting a decent price. The problem is
that generally the type of folks that are interested in
that type of a machine (and are able to give good $ for
it) will want some level of local support to go along
with that price.

Perhaps put the brand and model into, and see what you find.

Good luck!
Hello jk welcome to YT! Take another run at the model
number, 2023 is not shown in Tractordata.
There is a
2028 with 30hp, see link. Places like ..Tractor House.. are online
auctions where you can check what they have sold for.
And your location, suburban areas out east where
there are a lot of acreages have stronger prices on
machines like this than some other areas.
Century Tractor info
What's it worth? A percentage of what you paid for it.

Assuming "2001" is the year the tractor is 22 years old and counting. It's an off-brand of an off-brand. "Same as Branson" won't mean much to most people. As others have stated it's going to be hard to get a "fair" price out of the tractor.

You know what you paid for the tractor. It's probably not worth 1/2 of what you paid for it now, but that's probably where I'd start pricing it. You can always drop your price if it doesn't sell.
And that will very possibly be scrap price. Here in Ohio never heard of a tractor like that so means no parts or service means no buyers.
Well, it isnt Chinese made, that would sell by the lb as scrap iron.....

But its an off brand, no parts or dealer network to speak of. So, not really a whole heck of a lot. These off brand
tractors are pretty much throw away, original owner enjoys a brand new tractor that costs less than a name brand
machine. When done with it sells at a steep discount because its mostly an orphan.

If Im looking at used Im looking at Kubota, JD, Case, or NH. Maybe Yanmar if I get a great deal. Even those brands
are tough to find Certain parts for an older one, but at least you stand a chance.

If I didn't know better JK, I'd almost think you're posting an ad here on Tractor Talk. But I know you'd never do that .... LOL !!!
if you were close to me I would give you double scrap price. as when
something breaks I can not get parts I can get half my money back.
You are being nice, be disappointed is mile it will be a shock to him when he realizes what it will take to sell a 20 year old off brand. Folks have wised up and dealer support is a big selling factor now. Boat anchors just do not sell well.
its your tractor and attachments, you had to pay some kind of money for it ,... so figure it out from there. we have no idea, not even a
picture. so your quote would be more accurate than what we guess at. what is the first thing any salesman says? ... bring it down and we
will have a look at it. no way they will quote you a price sight unseen.
Tractor House lists a few Century brand tractors that have been sold:
Maybe try looking up what the tractor's sister brands sell for will get more listings to compare. Keep in mind that asking prices are higher than actual selling prices. Fall is the best time to sell a loader tractor if you are in snow country.

When you publish the ads to sell your tractor include lots of pictures and website links about the tractor so potential buyers can find out what the tractor is and where the dealers are. In this case a video of the tractor moving and doing some work will help reassure people that the tractor is as advertised and is ready to work. Your potential buyers will be every bit as skeptical as the comments to this post have been.
It'll bring well over scrap price but not as much as a name brand with a cult following.Most any 4WD tractor that rides and drives with a loader will bring $2000 or more.

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